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Greg Koch Helps Choose YOUR Next Guitar Volume 4! June 11th-14th


Here at Wildwood, we know how hard it is to pick out a guitar. When confronted with such a vast array of absurdly good instruments, it’s easy to become paralyzed by the plethora of excellent choices in front of you. How do you decide on a guitar when every option is fantastic? Picking a serial number out of a hat might work sometimes, but we figured it would be better to get some expert help for our exceptional customers. So, we’ve enlisted the illustrious, incomparable Greg Koch to help YOU pick your next guitar!



Grab your six guns and saddle up, Wildwoodians! It’s shootout time again!

Basically, it will work like this: you’ll email us with the serial number of a guitar that has captured your heart, or two guitars if you’re in an instrumental love triangle. Then, from June 11th to June 14th, Greg will go through your emails and pick the best of your burning six-string questions to answer. If we select your email, we’ll shoot a video of Greg Koch jamming out on whatever guitar (or guitars) you’re contemplating putting a ring on. Then, Sir Gregory will give you his honest opinion about whether or not it would be the right axe for you!


Here’s how you can participate:

Send your emails to videos@wildwoodguitars.com, with the subject “Guitar requests for Greg Koch.” You can help Greg give you a better recommendation by including a couple sentences about what sort of music you play and what sorts of things you are looking for in your future guitar. For instance, if you play fingerstyle blues and you’re a huge Mark Knoplfer fan, or if you do a lot of chicken pickin’ in your polka/rap-metal fusion band, let us know! Please submit a specific serial number or a direct link to the guitar, and feel free to ask any questions you might have.


If your email gets picked, you will get a reply with a link to an exclusive personalized serial number video! Greg will also be doing a special Facebook Live stream, and if you write him an interesting enough letter, he may read it live!


To make it even easier for you to get your hands on your dream guitar, we now offer even more flexible financing options thanks to our partnership with the fine folks at Affirm. We’ve partnered to offer an 18-month, 0% interest option or a wonderfully simple, 24-month standard APR option with interest rates ranging from 10-30% for those that want a little more time.