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Greg Koch Comedy Soundboard Updated and Enhanced

On April Fools’ Day this year, we launched a hilarious soundboard of Greg Koch exclamations, catch-phrases and miscellaneous malfeasance.  It was devoured with the ferocity of Saruman ripping up the trees from the…  well, never mind.  It was a hit with our guitar buddies across the world.  Now we have expanded the content and added even MORE soundbytes to it and it’s ready for your listening and dining pleasure.

Warlord of guitar malfeasance and sonic demagoguery, Greg Koch, here unleashes an exquisite collection of savage exclamations, catch phrases and adages. All caught before, during and after the filming of Wildwood videos, these clips are sure to keep you laughing, shaking your head and wondering, “great googly moogly, what is WRONG with this man?” Come and feast.  Click on the titles of phrases you want to hear, take and eat, then repeat!

**LEGAL DISCLAIMER:   Wildwood Guitars is not responsible for accidents that happen while listening to the clips on this page, including, but not limited to:  coffee shooting out of nose onto computer keyboard, family members or office mates looking at you like you are crazy, malnutrition due to skipping your lunch break, getting hiccups from excessive laughter, watering eyes, pain in abdominal muscles, accidentally poking self in eye while using dramatic hand gestures, or children waking up in the next room from a sound sleep to “savagery needed to be engaged”…

Come and feast.