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The Ultimate Hot-Rodded 50-Watt Plexi Platform.

Legends are rarely made in a day, but the Friedman Small Box 50 achieved mythical status here at Wildwood Guitars almost instantly. It quickly became a staff favorite and THE dirty amplifier of choice for the illustrious Greg Koch's demo videos. In fact, we were so entranced with the Small Box's larger-than-life tone that we couldn't just embrace such an incredible amp: we had to make it a part of Wildwood's storied tradition of incredible collaborations with exceptional manufacturers. We reached out to Dave Friedman and asked him if he would help us create the ultimate 50 watt plexi-style amplifier, and rock and roll's greatest mad scientist said yes.

Now, after much careful consideration and thoughtful collaboration, we are proud to showcase the fruits of our labor: the highly-limited Friedman Custom Shop Wildwood Small Box 50. The all-new Friedman Wildwood Small Box 50 starts with the original platform that stole our hearts and takes it just a step further by adding a layer of versatility. This hot-rodded Small Box features a premium micro-preamp to a new channel that pushes the Small Box into a whole new realm of saturation and compression. This is NOT your daddy's traditional HBE mod. It's an entirely different animal. It takes the Small Box's organic, juicy feel and pushes it over a cliff into total tonal nirvana, and it will handle anything from hard rock to ballsy metal tones. This built-in boost-channel also has its own master volume, too, which allows you to set separate levels for each of the Plexi, BE and BE+ modes. To push things one step further, we've added a tone-shaping presence knob to the back of the amplifier, which allows you to dial in juuuuuuust the right amount of cut and sizzle in your tone.

These Limited Edition Wildwood Small Box 50 amplifiers are easy on the eyes, too, thanks to an updated aesthetic that calls to mind the legendary looks of its big brother, the BE-100. Each piece has an exclusive Wildwood Guitars serial number, too! Custom headshell colors will also be available, you can personalize your Wildwood Small Box 50 to suit your taste and make everyone at the jam session green with envy.

We're honored to present this exceptional amp to our exceptional customers.

No drive pedal necessary. Plug in. Feast.

• Wildwood-Exclusive Limited Edition Friedman Custom Shop Amplifier

• Hand Wired in the USA

• 50-Watt all tube head

• Two channels, plus third boost channel with independent master volume

• 2 x EL-34 power tubes

• 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes

• Three master volumes and two gain controls (shared for channel 2+3)

• Shared channel EQ consisting of bass, middle, treble and presence

• Clean channel (think Plexi) has a three-position bright switch

• Ultra transparent series FX Loop

• 4, 8 and 16 ohm impedance Selector Switch

• Custom USA made transformers

• Custom two button footswitch

• Limited lifetime warranty

• Dimensions: 8.75" (D) x 24" (W) x 10" (H)

• Weight: 33.5 lbs.

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