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The Ultimate 50 Watt, Hot-Rodded Plexi Platform.

The Friedman Smallbox 50 has quickly become the stuff of legends here at Wildwood Guitars, instantly becoming a staff favorite and dirty amplifier of choice for Greg Koch's video demos. In the spirit of Wildwood tradition, it became clear that not only should we embrace this incredible amplifier, but work closely with Dave Friedman himself to create what we feel is the ultimate 50 watt plexi-style amplifier for our exceptional customers.

After careful thought and collaboration, we're incredibly proud to introduce the Friedman Custom Shop Limited Edition Wildwood Smallbox 50. The all new Friedman Wildwood Smallbox 50 starts with the original platform we fell in love with, and takes it just a step further. Taking an already exceptional amplifier and adding another layer a versatility, this hot-rodded Smallbox adds a premium micro-preamp to a new channel, pushing the Smallbox into a whole new realm of saturation and compression. Not to be mistaken with the traditional HBE mod, this boost channel has it's own thing going on, with the Smallbox's organic, juicy feel, pushed over the cliff to handle anything from hard rock to ballsy metal tones. This built in boost-channel also has it's own master volume, allowing you three separate volume levels for the Plexi, BE and BE+ mode. To push things one step further, a tone shaping presence knob can be found on the back of the amplifier, allowing you to adjust just the right amount of cut and sizzle in your tone.

We're honored to present this exceptional amp to our exceptional customers.

No drive pedal necessary. Plug in. Feast.

• Wildwood Exclusive Limited Edition Friedman Custom Shop Amplifier

• Hand Wired in the USA

• 50-Watt all tube combo

• Two channels, plus third boost channel with independent master volume

• 2 x EL-34 power tubes

• 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes

• Three master volumes and two gain controls (shared for channel 2+3)

• Shared channel EQ consisting of bass, middle, treble and presence

• Clean channel (think Plexi) has a 3 position bright switch

• Ultra transparent series FX Loop

• 4, 8 and 16 ohm impedance Selector Switch

• Custom USA made transformers

• Custom two button footswitch

• Limited lifetime warranty

• Celestion Creamback 1x12 Speaker

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