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The Meanest Little Amp Just Got Mightier

Wildwood Guitars was beyond honored to team up with legendary amp builder Dave Friedman to create the Limited Edition Wildwood Small Box 50, an amp that was immediately embraced by our exceptional customers all over the world as the ultimate hot-rodded 50 watt plexi-style platform. We have been blown away by the incredible demand and warm reception, and couldn't be happier with our first-ever limited edition amplifier.

When we had the opportunity to create another amp to add to our Wildwood Friedman line, we decided to do something just a bit different. We didn't want to create another 50-watt variation, or even fire-breathing 100-watt monster. After all, the BE-100 is the flagship Friedman amplifier for good reason, and going bigger wasn't going to solve the problems of the everyday musician. The real intrigue for the Wildwood Staff lay in crafting something a bit...smaller. Meet the Wildwood PT-20, a simple, straight-forward 20-watt platform that sprinkles a little extra Wildwood magic into the hand-wired circuits of the original Friedman Pink Taco.

The Wildwood PT-20 utilizes a three-way gain structure switch similar to the one on the Mini Dirty Shirley (another staff favorite here at Wildwood!). It allows players the opportunity to dial in the right amount of preamp gain to make the sound in their head a reality. Whether you're looking for the perfect sparkling British clean tone or a hot-rodded gain monster, the Wildwood Pink Taco has you covered.

To take things a step further, we added an additional boost switch inspired by the boost channel found on our Wildwood Small Box 50. This savage switch pushes the preamp section into a magnificent sort of saturation that slathers the signal in delicious gain while maintaining exceptional articulation. (NOTE: Engaging this fiendishly mode does compress and saturate the signal, causing a slight drop in volume. Adjust your master volume to taste.)

To top things off and add an additional layer of versatility, we've added Dave's ultra-popular "FAT" switch to the back of the amp. The FAT switch gives players the option to beef up the pre-amp side, which helps instruments equipped with single-coils sound more muscular and adds rock and roll gristle when you play at lower volumes.

We believe that these features make the Wildwood PT-20 EXTREMELY easy to use yet extremely flexible. Without a doubt, it is one of the most versatile lunch box amplifiers on the planet, because it allows players to utilize the full spectrum of plexi-style tones in a compact package without compromising the quality of the sound. To go with this spectacular sound, the Wildwood PT-20 sports an aesthetic similar to its big brothers and a unique Wildwood Guitars serial number.

Perfect for studio, home use, and even live situations, the Wildwood PT-20 captures the signature feel and tone of our favorite Friedman amps at a player-friendly price (and a back-friendly weight!). Wildwood Guitars is proud to present our latest collaboration with Dave Friedman: the Wildwood PT-20

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