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A Four String Revolution

As Wildwood's resident bass expert and enthusiast, it is my distinct honor to present Flea's new Signature Active Jazz Bass to our exceptional customers. I'll tell you why I'm so excited in just a moment, but first let me express the depth of my delight. When I pulled this bass out, we were in the middle of a rush to load the FedEx truck, and all of my coworkers were running around frantically to get things ready for shipment. A good coworker might have helped them out, but I was busy jamming on this Flea Signature at room-rattling volumes.

That might make me a bad coworker, but it is evidence that this is a very good bass! So good, in fact, that it made me neglect my responsibility to be kind to my fellow Wildwood staff members. But, enough about my moral failings: on to describing the myriad joys of the Flea Signature Active Jazz Bass!

Electronics to Shift Tectonics

Much of the low-end fun comes from the custom Tim Shaw-designed Fender humbucker and the Aguilar OBP-1 18-volt preamp. Together, they pump out truly glorious bass tone perfectly capable of a shaking an arena, a club, a recording studio, or your bedroom! They produce a bold, muscular, punchy tone that manages to rattle your ribs while maintaining impeccable articulation and clarity. A lot of this is due to the preamp's high headroom. It uses all-FET circuits to create a broad, three-dimensional sound that stays clear even when you dime it out (and believe me, this thing gets LOUD!).

But we're just getting started describing the magic of these active electronics. Such a simple configuration allows you to access a wide swath of tones with just a couple small tweaks. With both knobs rolled off, it sounds great: warm, punchy, and articulate, with goodly helping of vintage Fender vibe.

When you add in more treble, you get a more percussive attack with more capacity for clank and growl--perfect for slap, fingerstyle funk, or aggressive pickstyle playing. Think Louis Johnson or Bernard Edwards from Chic as sonic references.

When you bump the bass up, beware of any nearby dwellings with structurally unsound foundations, because the Flea Signature will bring down the house! It can sound dubby enough for reggae and all-encompassing enough for dance music, and when you add in a little treble you can cop some Jack Bruce-esque woofiness well-suited to muscular rock and roll.

Even when you turn all the knobs all the way, up this bass sounds great! Of course, all points in between sound excellent, too, which means that you can find many, many different inspiring tones just by adjusting the bass and treble knobs. Truly, this is a magnificent set of electronics. They are wildly versatile, yet incredibly simple. Hat's off to you, Mr. Tim Shaw, because this pickup and this preamp are an unstoppable duo!

The Total Package

But, talking about the electronics only scratches the surface of the Flea Signature Bass's many admirable qualities. It has fantastic handfeel, for one. The 1.620" nut width is just right, the "C"-shaped profile is endlessly playable, the satin finish on the neck is buttery, and the medium jumbo frets allow for smooth, easy, precise playing.

Also noteworthy: it looks insanely cool! Its satin polyurethane finish (available in shell pink and Inca silver) is eye-catching, but not in an ostentatious, over-the-top way. It's elegant, simple, and refined, so your playing has room to be extra flashy.

Hey-Oh, Look at this Bass-Oh

We are proud to present our exceptional customers with such an inspiring thud staff. We know the Flea Signature Active Jazz Bass will provide any four-string slinger with a lifetime of inspiration. We invite you to experience the delights of this incredible instrument, and we know you'll find plenty of soul to squeeze.


Brand Fender
ModelFlea Signature Active Jazz Bass
Finish ColorShell Pink
Finish TypeSatin Polyurethane
Weight9.30 lbs.
Body WoodAlder
Neck WoodQuartersawn Maple
Neck Shape"C" Shape
Neck Dimensions.810 1st - .980 12th
Fingerboard Radius12"-16" Compound
Fingerboard InlaysBlack Dots
Scale Length34"
Width at Nut1.62
Nut MaterialBone
Frets22 Medium Jumbo
Pickups1 Custom Tim Shaw-Designed Fender Humbucker
Controls1 Master Volume, 1 Treble, 1 Bass
Active Preamp18-Volt Aguilar OBP-1
Bridge4-Saddle HiMass
TunersFender Lightweight Vintage-Style Keys with Tapered Shafts
CaseHardshell Case

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