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Welcome to the Twilight Tone

Earlier this year, a group of mad scientists gathered in a secret Fender facility at an undisclosed location outside Corona, California. Together, they hatched a nefarious scheme codenamed “Project Parallel Universe” to take the guitar world by storm. Using dark, arcane technologies, they combined beloved electric guitar shapes and shaped them into hybrids of terrifying rock and roll power. They made them bigger, faster and stronger. They didn’t think about the consequences of their actions. Now, like a horde of monsters emerging from a wormhole connected to a parallel universe, the products of their evil experiments are finding their way to guitar stores across America. Wildwood Guitars is proud to showcase these creatures from another dimension, and we hope you find their out-of-this-world styling and unexpected sounds as inspiring as we do!

Hybrid Moments

Is it a Strat or a Tele? We believe that the answer is a resounding “neither!” The new Strat-Tele Hybrid from Fender’s Parallel Universe series is the first of an entirely new breed that is just as inspiring as the two designs it draws its influence from.

Fender used ash as the building block for these guitars in order to give the player powerful lows and bold trebles and plopped in some bright, spanky Custom Shop ’69 Strat pickups. This has proved quite an effective combination, as it gives the player all the chime and quack of a Strat along with the snap and twang of a Tele.

Though this guitar’s hybridized design has given it a unique and powerful voice, one mustn’t lose sight of the many ergonomic benefits this creature from a Parallel Universe offers! It marries the classic Tele body shape with the comfortable contours of a Strat, which makes for a comfortable, luxurious playing experience.

Speaking of luxurious, the Deep “C” neck profile is as accommodating as the maître d’ at a five-star restaurant, and players of all styles will feel at home with the fretboard’s modern 9.5” radius. The expressive two-point synchronized tremolo system and the bone nut allow for superb tuning stability, too, so you can rest assured that you’ll stay locked to A440hz when the addictive feel of this guitar sucks you into a two-hour practice session.

Wildwood Guitars is proud to present these magnificent hybrid creations, and we invite you to fall in love with a whole new breed of Fender guitars!


Brand Fender
Model2018 Limited Parallel Universe Strat-Tele Hybrid
Finish Color2-tone Sunburst
Finish TypeGloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Weight7.59 lbs.
Body WoodAsh
Neck WoodMaple
Neck ShapeModern "Deep C"
Neck Dimensions.850 1st - .940 12th
InlaysBlack Dot
Scale Length25 1/2"
Width at Nut1.650"
Frets22 Narrow Tall
Pickups3 Custom Shop '69 Strat Single-Coils
Controls1 Volume, 2 Tone, 5-way Switch
Bridge2-Point Synchronized Tremolo with Bent Steel Saddles and Pop-In Tremolo Arm
TunersDeluxe Staggered Cast/Sealed
Pickguard3-Ply Mint Green
CaseFender Molded Plastic Hardshell Case

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