Sonic Evaluation

I (Trevor, Wildwood's resident Web Scribe) am a bassist, but if I played guitar in a band, I would undoubtedly be taking this Dr. Z Maz Jr. Reverb home with me today. Now, amps are quite subjective, so your mileage may vary, but it suits my tastes perfectly. When you crank it, you get this beautifully sculpted rock tone: punchy lows, snarling highs, and sweet, chiming highs.

It's a supremely articulate amp, too, so every detail of your attack comes through. The "Hi" input is great for those that require a bit more juice, and the "Lo" input is great for subtler overdriven tones. Though you'll be tempted to leave it at a crunchy setting all the time, don't sleep on the clean setting, either. It has a lovely warm, woody tone with just the right amount of high-end sparkle. Speaking of sparkle, you can use the "Cut" knob against the treble control to really shape your high end and get the exact amount of brilliance you desire.

This amp also has plenty of clean headroom, too. With the volume and master at about noon, you get a lovely warm, three-dimensional clean sound at volumes loud enough to keep up with your drummer. So, you can run it clean and nudge it into overdrive with a pedal, or just run it dirty all the time. Either way, you'll be stoked every time you plug into this delectable Dr. Z Maz Jr. Reverb.

Condition Report

This Dr. Z is in excellent working condition and it has no cosmetic flaws to report.

Make: Dr Z
Serial Number: U8214
Year: 2010
Model: Dr Z Maz Jr Reverb
Watts: 18w
Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master, Cut, Reverb
Standby switch: Yes
Inputs: Two
Tubes: 5AR4 X1, EL84 x2, 12ax7 x5
Speakers: 12” Celestion G12H30w
Impedance: 4,8,
Foot Switch: No
Extension speaker Yes
Effects loops: No
Weight: 53 lbs
Cabinet Dimensions: 1 x12 combo (22.5” x 20” x 10”)

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Serial Number: U8214
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