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Love the Two-Rock tone but don't play for 20,000 people every night? Or maybe you're looking for a great studio amp? In either situation, the Jet 22 or 35 Watt is right for you. The Jet has been specifically designed to produce killer Two-Rock tone at a lower volume than any other amps in the line.

It can produce 22 watts through 2 6v6's or 35 watts through 2 6L6's. The Jet 22 and 35 have a Custom Reverb Type circuit, but more basic in features. It does not include the EQ1/EQ2 switch and has a more basic feature layout than the CR Sig V3. It offers the basic EQ settings of bass, mid & treble and it is closer to the EQ2 of the CR Sig in voicing. Same serial effects loop as the Custom Reverb, and same all tube spring reverb.

The Jet 22 has a pull bright feature and the channel switching is available throught the foot switch. Reverb drive is set internally at the factory, but can be adjusted by removing the chassis by qualified technicians.


• 22 Watts 6V6 ONLYY

• Pull Bright Control

• Bypass/Lead switching by foot switch ONLY

• Serial Loop

• Spring reverb with external "Drive" control on back of the amp

• Combo dimensions 15" L x 18" H x 10" D / Weight: 39 lbs

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