Tonal Evaluation

Tony Iommi is one of my favorite guitarists of all time, so I freaked out when I found out that we got one of his 250 Custom Shop Signature SGs. I've spent more time analyzing and dissecting Tony Iommi's tone and guitar technique than I have for any other guitarist, so I was excited to see whether or not the wizards at the Gibson Custom Shop were able to imbue this instrument with his inimitable sound, because I've been chasing it for a long time! I must say, after running through the riffs from "Into the Void," it sounded so close to the record that I might have shed a single tear if I hadn't been headbanging harder than I've ever headbanged in my life.

Playing this guitar is an awe-inspiring experience for a Black Sabbath fan. The bridge pickup has Iommi's signature sizzling top-end that calls to mind the smell of fire and brimstone and the midrange is powerful and menacing like some sort of ancient demon awakened by the sound of a tritone. The lows are articulate, but they have a great deal of boom, too!

By contrast, the neck pickup has thick, eldritch bass response that may or may not awaken Cthulhu if you turn your amp all the way up. The midrange is broad and woody, and the top is clear but lively.

Oftentimes, guitars with pickups this hot can be lacking in dynamics, but this serial is quite touch-sensitive and responsive, and its lightning-fast response to player input practically compels you to play searing, expressive leads.

Any lover of heavy music will love this SG, but be forewarned: its spirit may possess you and cause you to grow a sweet mustache, tune down to C sharp, and riff away for days on end!

Condition Report

This gnarly SG is in excellent shape, with no cosmetic issues to report. It comes with its original Gibson Custom hardshell case and certificate of authenticity.


Brand Used
Model2006 Tony Iommi Signature SG
Limited Run#215 of 250
Finish ColorEbony
Weight7.37 lbs
Body WoodMahogany
Neck WoodMahogany
Neck ShapeSlim "C"
Neck Dimensions.810 1st - .900 12th
Scale Length24.75"
Nut MaterialGraphite
Width at Nut1.695"
Pickups2 Custom-Wound Tony Iommi Humbuckers
Controls2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3-Way Selector Switch
TunersLocking Sperzels
CaseGibson Hardshell Case
COAYes, All Factory Paperwork

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Serial Number: TI215

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