Slash's Dream Guitar

Wildwoodians, we are proud to present the latest collaboration between famed top hat-wearer (and Guns 'n' Roses guitarist) Slash and the Gibson Custom Shop: the hand-signed, extremely limited 1958 "Brazilian Dream" Les Paul. "Brazilian Dream" is an appropriate moniker, because these guitars are the realization of Slash's wildest Gibson fantasies. Basically, the master luthiers at the Gibson Custom Shop asked Slash to design the ultimate Les Paul with all his favorite specifications and appointments. When he saw the final product, he remarked that they were a "Brazilian dream" (hence the name!). In fact, Slash loves them so much that they've become his go-to number one stage guitar (in fact, a gaggle of Wildwood employees who attended Slash's recent show in Denver found out how great they sound firsthand, because he played his personal Brazilian Dream for all but three songs!).

So, what exactly makes these guitars Slash's personal holy grail? Well, first off, they have real Brazilian rosewood fingerboards, and this rare tonewood gives them an unmistakable sweetness that is nigh-impossible to find anywhere else. But, the rest of the tonewoods on these dangerous dreamers are pretty cool, too! They have solid mahogany necks and bodies attached with a long tenon neck joint for maximum resonance and sustain, and the bodies have sweet 2-piece maple tops. Each piece of wood is attached with hot hide glue, an old-world, labor-intensive manufacturing process that promotes the greatest possible connection between the various parts of the guitar. The result? A guitar that sings out with absurd levels of resonance and sustain even when unplugged.

A truly beautiful finish sits atop these stellar tonewoods. Slash and Gibson Custom outfitted these beauties with a VOS Dark Burst finish, which looks stellar with the single-ply Royalite binding and black butyrate Top Hat knobs. Also, putting double-black uncovered Custombuckers in these puppies was an inspired decision, because they look imposing as all-git-out against the dark edges of the burst finish.

Speaking of Custombuckers, holy cow do these pickups rip! Plugging one of these guitars in is like stepping into your favorite Guns and Roses records. Gibson has really nailed the sound of a vintage PAF to a T, and the vintage-accurate electronics highlight the natural resonance of these guitars in a striking way. Frankly, they sound as close to a real '58 as you can get without taking out a second mortgage!

They also have vintage feel in spades thanks to a righteous '58 "C" neck profile copied from one of Slash's favorite vintage Les Pauls. It's so comfortable that you have to be careful or you'll end up accidentally playing until one in the morning!

Of course, such a special instrument needs a few other commemorative goodies to complete the package, and the Brazilian Dreams don't disappoint in that regard. They come with custom Slash sunglasses, a belt buckle, a trucker hat, and a wristband bearing Slash's signature logo.

We are proud to present Slash's dream guitar to our exceptional customers, and we know you will find them just as dreamy as we do!


Brand Gibson Custom Shop
ModelLimited Slash Brazilian Dream 1958 Les Paul
Limited Run#34 of 150, Hand-Signed by Slash
Finish ColorDark Burst
Finish TypeVOS
Weight8.70 lbs
Top Wood2-Piece Plain Maple Attached with Hot Hide Glue
Body WoodLightweight Solid Mahogany
BindingSingle-Ply Royalite
Neck WoodSolid Mahogany w/Long Tenon Attached with Hot Hide Glue
Neck ShapeReplica ‘58 C-shape Profile
Neck Dimensions.900 1st - 1.030 12th
FingerboardSolid Brazilian Rosewood Attached with Hot Hide Glue
Fingerboard BindingSingle-Ply Royalite
Fingerboard Radius12"
InlaysCellulose Nitrate Trapezoid
Scale Length24.75"
Width at Nut1.687"
PickupsAlnico III Custombuckers
Controls2 Volume, 2 Tone and 3-way Toggleswitch
BridgeUnwired ABR-1
TailpieceLightweight Aluminum Stopbar
TunersKluson Deluxe Single Bands
CaseCustom Slash Lacquered Lifton Case
Additional GoodiesCustom Slash Sunglasses, Wrist Band, Belt Buckle, and Trucker Hat

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Serial Number: SLASH34

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