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Authentic Orange Tone and Stereo Sweetness

Wildwoodians, we are proud to present the Rocker 32, a killer EL-84-driven 2x10 combo that delivers a heaping helping of classic Orange crunch while also functioning as the ultimate pedal platform. It has an innovative tube-driven stereo effects loop that allows you to get studio-quality sound out of stereo modulation and time-based effects. Make no mistake: if you want to use the Rocker 32 without any effects, its two fifteen-watt output stages will make sounds that provoke uncontrollable rock and roll joy. However, if you do like to use pedals, the Rocker 32 opens up a whole new world of lush, three-dimensional, atmospheric sounds to explore, and it does so without being unnecessarily complicated. Best of all, it weighs in at 51.26 pounds, making it one of the most compact, portable stereo setups out there!

Basically, when you use the Rocker 32, it's almost like having two amps on stage. The Rocker 32's effects loop works like this: it has one send and two returns, one for each speaker, and it's all tube-driven, so you never lose an ounce of sound quality. This allows you to use stereo chorus, tremolo, phaser, flanger, reverb, and delay pedals to their fullest potential and achieve a wonderfully wide spread of sound. But, that's not all it can do! You can run your pedal chain through one speaker and keep the other one clean for a classic wet/dry setup. Heck, you could even have separate pedal chains for each speaker if you use an ABY pedal! The possibilities for sonic madness are endless with the Rocker 32, and it's enough to make any stompbox fiend salivate.

But, even if you don't want to travel to Planet Pedal, the Rocker 32 is one of the finest 2x10 combos out there. Its ten-inch Voice of the World Gold Label speakers have 101dB’s worth of sensitivity, so it works at maximum efficiency, allowing you to maintain plenty of presence in a band mix. They also have shockingly robust low-end to go with the typical chime and sparkle you’d expect from ten-inch speakers. One output stage also has its own cathode follower, which widens out the tone of the Rocker 32 even when you're running it in mono. And, it also has a half-power switch that drops the wattage down to fifteen if you're playing a small room or if you need to practice at a more neighbor-friendly volume.

The Rocker 32 has two channels, Natural and Dirty, and they both offer lots of musically-inspiring sounds. The Natural channel on the Rocker 32 is as stripped-down as can be. It has one knob for volume control, and that's it. As you might expect, the natural channel delivers incredibly pure tube tone. At lower volumes, it has a sweet, sunny sound with plenty of chime and midrange warmth. At about noon, you get into "pushed" clean territory, and more overtones pop out of the speaker as the tubes add a little bit of grit. At higher volumes, the Rocker 32's Natural channel achieves a glorious vintage British crunch perfect for just about any kind of rock and roll. This channel also works marvelously as a pedal platform if you like to get your dirt from stompboxes.

The Dirty Channel has a few more tone-shaping options, and it picks up where the Natural channel leaves off. You'll get tasty light overdrive at lower volumes, roaring thick distortion that would make Jimmy Page weak in the knees at noon, and ridiculously rich, gristle-laden goodness when you crank it. The EQ is also quite powerful, and small tweaks can make a big difference to the sound, allowing you to find every shade and hue of Orange your heart desires.

We're proud to showcase the Rocker 32, a pitch-perfect pedal platform that delivers exceptional authentic British sounds. With its innovative effects loop, it allows you to unlock the full potential of your stompboxes and get studio-quality modulation, delay, and reverb sounds live in the room. It's one of the most portable stereo rigs out there, and even if you use it as a mono amp sans pedals, it delivers some of the finest British tones in the world. We invite you to take one of these uber-inspiring amps for a spin and see firsthand why they call it the Rocker. It's the definitive article.

Features: Features: All Valve Twin Channel 2×10” Stereo Guitar Amp Combo, Valve Buffered Mono/Stereo Effects Loop & Half Power Mode
Controls (Right To Left): Natural Channel: Volume | Dirty Channel: Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume| Chanel Selector, Half/Standby/Full Power Selector| Power Switch
Output Power: 30w / 15w (15w-a-side Or 7.5w-a-side, Switchable)
Valves: Preamp: 4 X ECC83/12AX7 & 2 X ECC81/12AT7
Power Amp: 4 X EL84
Speakers: 2 X Orange Voice Of The World Gold Label 10”
Effects Loop: Yes, Valve Buffered, Mono, Stereo Or Wet/Dry Return
Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D): 57 X 46 X 28.5cm (22.44 X 18.11 X 11.22”)
Unboxed Weight: 23.3kg (51.26 lbs.)
Finish Options: Orange Or Black Basketweave Vinyl

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Serial Number: ROCKER-32

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