These cabs are the best way to hear your tone. They have rugged build quality, high-quality speakers, and are exceedingly easy to use. Plug in to discover their thick yet present tone! These cabs are perfectly paired for Revv amps! They use premium WGS speakers & build the cabs to last with 18mm baltic birch and removable casters.


– 18mm Baltic birch construction
– Removable front grill
– Removable casters for 2×12 & 4×12
– Removable rear panel
– 12″ WGS Vet30 & ET90 speakers
– Fixed speaker baffle for rigidity and sound quality
– Input Jack plate not recessed – easier to find in the dark!
– LED illuminated logo when used with Revv amps
– Input panels are steel and provide an input and through jack
-8 Ohm
-Dimensions: 30″ x 17″ x 14″

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Serial Number: REVV2X12

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