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The Perfect 10

Years ago, we approached our friends at the Fender Custom Shop with a proposal: would they build us guitars that combined the mojo of a true-to-vintage reissue with modern handfeel and comfy modern ergonomics? They were enthused about the idea, and the Wildwood 10 was born. Thanks to the Custom Shop’s incredible craftsmanship and artistry, these guitars look gorgeous, sound killer, and play like butter.

Each of these Custom Shop creations features a thin fifties-style nitrocellulose finish, which allows the voice of the resonant hand-selected tonewoods to shine through. They also have hand-wound Custom Shop pickups that are sure to inspire you to reach new heights on your sonic journey. Wildwood 10s feel great in your hands, too. Their modern 10” radius is suitable for a wide variety of styles and techniques, and their 6105 narrow-tall frets allow you to expend less energy with your left hand, especially when bending strings. To top it all off, they come with a limited edition Dealer Select Wildwood 10 hardshell case and a certificate of authenticity.

Roasted and Ready to Rock

Now, for something completely different! Let's talk about the effects of roasting tonewoods. When you subject a piece of wood to lots of heat, it saps the wood of moisture, and drier wood has lots of alluring qualities for guitarists! For one, less water equals less weight, so these roasted rockers are easy on the back and the eyes. Also, roasted wood is more stable. Regular tonewood moves when it gets dried out, but roasted wood has already been dried. Thus, it's more resistant to changes in humidity. So, your killer setup won't change when you get a dry patch of weather!

The coolest part of using roasted tonewoods, though, is the way they impart a bit of vintage-style resonance the guitar's overall timbre. When a guitar lives a long life, its wood dries out, and drier wood gives you a warmer, more focused, clearer tonality that we Guitar Scribes often term "woody" for lack of a better term. Furthermore, the roasted neck acts like a wooden tuning fork, giving the guitar extra-clear ringing sustain. So, while these Roasted Wildwood 10s may not sound exactly like a fifties Fender, they do have a fair amount of vintage mojo thanks to their wood chemistry!

Fly Fifty-Twos

Though the idea for the Telecaster had been germinating inside the beautiful mind of Leo Fender since 1950, it didn’t make its grand entrance under the name we all know until 1952. The fact that the Telecaster has remained basically unchanged since then is a testament to the enduring perfect simplicity of its design. Our Wildwood 10 1952 Telecaster pay tribute to Leo’s original brilliant, elegant design. They have a ton of vintage vibe thanks to their resonant ash bodies with old-school nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, but they also offer comfortable modern ergonomics with their Wildwood-exclusive 10″ radius and 6105 narrow-tall frets. Addictive playability and tons of vintage vibe? Yes, please! We invite you to browse our selection of Wildwood 10 1952 Telecasters. We have lots of color options, and many various types of relic’d finishes, so we’re sure you’ll find one that plucks at your heartstrings.


Brand Fender Custom Shop
ModelDealer Select Wildwood 10 '52 Telecaster
Finish ColorCrimson Burst
AgingHeavy Relic
Finish TypeNitrocellulose Lacquer
Weight6.70 lbs.
Body WoodRoasted Ash
Neck WoodRoasted Quartersawn Maple
Neck Shape'52 U
Neck Dimensions.880 1st - .940 12th
Fingerboard RadiusExclusive Wildwood Custom 10" Radius
Scale Length25.5"
Width at Nut1.650"
Nut MaterialBone
Frets21 6105 Narrow-Tall
PickupsJosefina Handwound Twisted Tele wound to Wildwood Specification
ControlsVolume, Tone, 3-Position Switch
TunersVintage Style with Nickel Buttons
Pickguard1-Ply White
CaseLimited Edition Hardshell Case with Embroidered Custom Shop Logo

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Serial Number: R99534

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