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Sonic Evaluation

This Shell Pink heartbreaker is the definition of a mellow, sweet sounding Strat. The low-end is glassy and smooth, and the upper midrange is quack-y and vocal. In the trebles, you'll find some truly lovely chime! The attack is nice and spongey, too. I had a blast playing Chic-esque funk chords because its sweet, musical compression (possibly from the round-lam fretboard) made the attack so consistent. For that reason, this guitar loves to be slathered in gain, too. I also had a blast playing heavy, thick chords through a dimed tweed amp. Through a cleaner amp, I also got some wonderful Mayfield-esque soul tones and wailing blues--this guitar can really cry! Anyone searching for a mellow, soulful Strat with an icnredible amount of range will love this fearsome Fessler!

The Man Behind the Tone

Greg Fessler came to the Fender Custom Shop in 1990 and worked his way up through the ranks as an apprentice. He assisted with the Robben Ford signature line of guitars, eventually became the sole builder of those instruments, and finally wound up becoming the illustrious Mr. Ford’s own personal guitar-maker. Fessler has built one-off Stratocaster and Telecaster models for a host of players, including Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Healey, Hank Marvin, John Mayer, Rhonda Smith, Neil Schon and Pete Wentz. Fessler’s remarkable abilities have earned him accolades from many Fender artists and discerning customers worldwide, and every instrument he builds exemplifies the meticulous attention to detail and intense commitment it takes to earn the title of Master Builder.


Brand Fender Custom Shop
ModelMasterbuilt Wildwood 10 1969 Stratocaster by Greg Fessler
Finish ColorFaded Shell Pink
Finish TypeNOS Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Weight7.80 lbs.
Master BuilderGreg Fessler
Body WoodAlder
Neck WoodQuartersawn Maple
Neck Shape1969 "U"
Neck Dimensions.860 1st - .940 12th
FingerboardRound-Laminated AAA Rosewood
Fingerboard RadiusExclusive Wildwood Custom 10" Radius
Scale Length25.5"
Width at Nut1.650"
Frets21 6105 Narrow Tall
Pickups3 John Cruz Limited Single-Coils
TunersSchaller w/Fender Logo
Bridge6-Saddle American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo
Pickguard3-Ply Parchment
CaseHardshell Case

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Serial Number: R91624

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