Condition of Instrument

Excellent Condition. The bridge cover has left lacquer impressions in the finish. Came this way from the factory. Includes hardshell case and COA.

Moto Madness.

This incredible Masterbuilt 1966 P-Bass might look just a tad familiar, and for good reason! This was THE bass featured in tons of photos and promo material for the 2016 NAMM show, held in Anaheim, CA. We received a call from a VERY good customer of ours who saw this killer Masterbuilt bass featured online in NAMM promo material and just HAD to have it! After sprinting across multiple convention center floors and working some Wildwood magic, we were able to snag this one right out of the Fender showroom. This one was lovingly traded in after being kept in a great home, where it was adored and cared for. Wildwood is honored to see this bass return into our possession, and we know it will find a phenomenal home among one of our exceptional customers.

Tonal Evaluation

Wildwood Guitars is not liable if you shake the foundation of your practice space and cause serious structural damage while playing this bass. That may sound facetious, but this P-bass so resonant and so powerful that I wonder whether or not I’m really joking. When you play a twelfth-fret E on this bass, it feels like you’re playing about twenty notes. With so much frequency response in the low end, it’s reasonable to fear that this bass will sound muddy, but the harmonics that come through most clearly are of the even order variety (root, five and octave), and even order harmonics are very pleasing to the ear, and they sit quite nicely in the mix. Apart from these overtones, this bass has a fairly dry harmonic response, so it's kind of like Shaq studying for the bar exam: enormous but focused.

Also, when you play high up on the neck, you can really hear the fifth and octave overtones below the note you’re actually playing, which means that this bass sounds as big on the nineteenth fret of the G string as it does on the first fret of the low E. Oftentimes, I’m afraid to play high up on the neck because doing so can leave the low-end feeling empty, but I certainly didn’t have that problem here!

The attack for each note is wonderfully round for a Precision bass with a maple fretboard, too, and this lack of sharpness on the front end highlights this serial’s vocal midrange. There’s lots of detail and nuance between 1 and 4kHz, but that’s right about where technical terminology starts to fail me with this bass. It sounds so much like a human voice—specifically, the bass singer in a doo-wop vocal group—that it’s uncanny. This human quality pulls all sorts of interesting dynamics out of the player, and the end result is a bass that feels more like an extension of your vocal cords than your hands. This bass is like a bull that can navigate a china shop with ease then make erudite conversation over calamari afterwards. This is a tremendously inspirational instrument, and we are delighted to showcase it for our exceptional customers!


Brand Used
ModelMasterbuilt 1966 P-Bass Moto
Finish ColorSapphire Blue Transparent
Finish TypeNitrocellulose Lacquer
Weight8.84 lbs
Master BuilderDennis Galuszka
Body WoodAlder
Neck WoodQuarter Sawn Maple
Neck Shape'57 Soft "V"
Neck Dimensions.790 1st - .990 12th
Fingerboard Radius9.5"
Fingerboard InlaysWhite Pearloid Block
Width at Nut1.50"
Nut MaterialBone
Frets20 Medium Jumbo
Pickups'59 and '62 P-Bass pickups
Controls1 Volume, 1 Tone
TunersVintage Style
BridgeVintage Style
CaseHardshell Case

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Serial Number: R83800

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