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Classic Tone and Style in a Lightweight Package

Wildwoodians, we are proud to present the Orange PPC212V, a 2x12 speaker cabinet with all the tone and vibe of an old-school Orange cab with a few updates to enhance portability. The PPC212V oozes swagger thanks to its classic Orange styling and vertical speaker configuration, and it delivers exceptional sound without breaking the bank or your back. Our friends at Orange designed these cabs to be as lightweight as possible without compromising tone or build quality, and they succeeded with flying colors!

The cab itself is made of 15 millimeters of hard birch plywood, which maximizes resonance and projection while shaving off a bit of weight. Though it's a bit thinner (3mm to be exact) than a typical Orange cab, it's still quite bulletproof and road-ready. Under the grille, there are two Celestion Neo Creamback speakers. Neo Creambacks have the classic Celestion sound: warm low-end along with rich, expressive midrange and detailed singing highs. But, because they have light neodymium, they weigh half as much as a traditional Creamback with ceramic magnets. So, you get all the tone with half the weight! This tone fills the room thanks to the cabinet's open-back construction, which allows the sound to spread freely for full-bodied sound. Finally, it comes equipped with Orange's signature skid runners, which help boost low-end response by increasing contact between the cab and the stage, because who doesn't want the ground to rumble when you hit the low E?

It is our pleasure to showcase the Orange PPC212V, a cabinet with tons of vintage swagger and tone in a lightweight package. It's reliable, easy to transport, and it produces a beefy, powerful tone worthy of enshrinement in Valhalla. We invite you to plug into one, rock out, and move some serious air!

Features: Straight Front, Open-back Vertical Compact 2×12 |15mm Birch Plywood| 2 X Parallel ¼” Input Jacks| Hard Wearing Woven Paper Grille Cloth | Skid Runners
Power Handling 120 Watts (Mono)
Speakers: 2 X 12″ Celestion Neo Creamback
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D): 54.5 X 70 X 30 Cm (21.46 X 27.56 X 11.81″)
Unboxed Weight: 19.95kg (43.98 lbs.)

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