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A One-Twelve Wonder

Wildwoodians, we are pleased to present the Orange PPC112, a small cab that pairs perfectly with any low-powered head. The PPC112's sturdy, closed-back enclosure is constructed of thick 18mm birch plywood, so it's as bulletproof as can be. And it's a good thing that the PPC112 is reliable, because it sounds so good that you'll want to play a gig every night! That sturdy birch enclosure is slightly oversized, so it has greater internal volume than a normal 1x12, which translates to beefier frequency response. Also, its closed-back design gives it more punching power and helps it project your signal and cut through a live mix. Within that meticulously-crafted box, you'll find a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, which has tight, articulate bass response along with rich midrange and sweet, detailed trebles. Finally, it comes equipped with skid runners that couple the cab to the stage to boost low-end fulness. If you're looking for a rugged 1x12 that sounds killer, the PPC112 will be your low-watt tube amp's best friend!

1×12″ Closed-back Design
18mm Birch Plywood Construction
2 X Parallel Jacks For Daisy-chaining To Another 16 Ohm Cabinet (Total Impedance = 8 Ohms)
Hard Wearing Woven Paper Grille Cloth
Skid Runners
Steel Hardware

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