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The Stamp of Terror

Can you believe that our friends at Orange have managed to cram the entire circuitry of their beloved Micro Terror amp into a stompbox that can fit on a pedalboard? Well, cast aside your doubts, because the mad scientists at Orange's Tone Forge have managed to capture authentic Orange sound in a pedal-sized amp called the Terror Stamp. The Terror Stamp is essentially a Micro Dark amp with a few small changes to the gain structure and the CabSim circuitry. Its tube-driven preamp is powered by one mighty 12AX7, which gives it an organic, rich tone. That preamp feeds a class AB solid-state power amp that gives it full-bodied, consistent response at any volume. Of course, it also has the bulletproof build quality that is synonymous with Orange, so you can stomp away with no worries. The Terror Stamp is quite an inspiring, useful piece of gear, so let's dive deeper and examine the ways you can use this uber-durable, portable, versatile beast.

Before we get into some of the Terror Stamp's innovative features, let's talk tone. The Terror Stamp shares most of its DNA with Orange's Micro Dark, so it excels at all things rock- and metal-related. But, it's actually quite versatile, and it works beautifully in a wide variety of genres. It has a beautiful clean sound with complex crystalline highs above tight, round low-end and woody, detailed cleans. Push the gain up a bit, and you'll get a gritty, overdriven sound perfect for blues and all things rootsy. Push the gain knob more and you'll find crunchy, snarling distorted tones that will remind you of the sounds that shaped rock and roll in the sixties and seventies (warning: this setting WILL make you want to do your best Angus Young impression, so make sure you have a safe area to duckwalk in!). At higher gain settings, it can do hard rock, punk and all varieties of metal with aplomb. We're talking thrash, death, prog, doom, black, grind, sludge, groove, and everything in between.

You can use the powerful shape control to access all the hues and shades of Orange, too. When you turn it counter-clockwise, it has a punchy, midrange-forward sound. Turn it all the way clockwise and it has a scooped tone with booming bass and sizzling trebles. With the shape control set to noon, it has superbly balanced frequency response. And, there are plenty of sweet tones hiding in between these extremes, so you can get lots of cool tones with this simple, intuitive control.

As you can see, there are many tones waiting within the deceptively-simple circuitry of the Terror Stamp. It also has lots of innovative features that make life easier for the discerning modern player. It has two volume knobs, and you can use the footswitch to toggle between the two settings. So, you can have one down lower for a cleaner sound and one cranked for a heavier sound, or you can have a heavy sound with medium volume and a heavy sound with a higher volume so you can have a rhythm sound and a boost for leads and solos. Because the Terror Stamp provides multiple flavors of rock, it is tremendously useful live.

Speaking of useful things, the Terror Stamp also an all-analog CabSim circuit, which mimics the response of an Orange 4x12 speaker cabinet. You can use the CabSim output to run into headphones for silent practice, or to run direct to the soundboard when playing live--the sound guy will thank you for sending him a pristine signal! Also, you can run the CabSim out into a recording console or interface if you need to record silently. Finally, the Terror Stamp has a buffered low-impedance effects loop if you want to combine it with your favorite stompboxes.

We're proud to present the Orange Terror Stamp, a pint-sized amp-in-a-box that is packed with truly fearsome tones. Though its footprint is small, its sound is mighty, and it has a variety of innovative features that make life easier live, in the studio, or at home. Truly, the sonic scientists at Orange have managed to pack an entire Orange amp into a box that weights less than a pound--an incredible feat! Whether you're a pro looking for a lightweight amp for your fly rig, a weekend warrior looking for a light hassle-free amp solution, or you're just looking for a fun new toy, you'll love this potent pedal-sized amp. We invite you to take one for a spin and experience the myriad sonic delights the Terror Stamp has to offer.

Features: Valve Preamp, Foot-switchable Master Volume, Buffered Fx Loop, Cabsim Headphone Output
Controls (Right To Left): Gain, Shape, Volume 2, Volume 1
Valves: Preamp: 1 X 12ax7/Ecc83
Output Power: 20 Watts
Speaker Output: 8-16 Ohms
Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D): 13.4 X 6.1 X 9.9cm (5.4 X 2.4 X 3.9 “)
Unboxed Weight: 0.38kg / 0.84 lbs.

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Serial Number: PD-TERROR-STAMP
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