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To Be OR Not to Be

Wildwoodians, we are proud to present the Orange OR15H, a fifteen-watt all-tube bundle of rock and roll joy. Based on the classic dirty channel of Orange's Rockerverb amps, the OR15H can do everything from sweet, pushed clean sounds to classic British crunch to heavy metal madness. A complement of three ECC83 preamp tubes and 2 EL84s give the OR15H a dynamic, rich voice powerful enough to punch far above its weight class (hook it up to a 4x12 and be prepared to have your face melted clean off!).

The OR15H always has a little bit of crunch, but you won't miss the lack of clean sounds, because at lower volumes it has a delicious sparkling tone with excellent clarity and just hair of grit. At medium volumes, it will transport you to vintage British crunch Nirvana with its midrange punch, muscular low-end, and top-end chime. And, if you turn it all the way up, you can get awesome hi-gain metal tones.

Orange's EQ sections are known for being remarkably powerful, and the OR15H is no different. Subtle changes to the midrange, treble, and bass knobs make big differences, allowing you to access every subtle shade and hue of Orange. Of course, the OR15H is a remarkably dynamic amp at any setting, and you can coax lots of different tones out of it by changing your attack or rolling off your guitar's volume.

At fifteen watts, the OR15H sits right in the sweet spot: loud enough to keep up with a band, but not too loud, so you can crank it and get thick, full-bodied, organic power amp distortion without angering the sound guy or damaging your bass player's hearing. And, if you need it to be quieter for a smaller gig or bedroom practice, you can drop the wattage to seven with a flick of a switch.

If you like rich power amp overdrive and you need a studio stalwart or a live workhorse, or if you just want to experience the glory of Orange for the first time, the OR15H will make you a happy guitar picker. We invite you to take one for a spin and experience the musical joy and inspiration waiting within its vacuum tubes.


Features: Single Channel, All Valve, "Pics Only" Styling, All-valve Fx Loop
Controls: (Right to Left) Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume
Output Power: 7 or 15 Watts RMS
Valves: Power Amp: 2 X EL84
Preamp: 3 X ECC83/12ax7
Fx Loop: 1 X ECC1/12at7
Speaker Output Options: 1 X 16 Ohm Cabinet Connected to the 16 Ohm Output
1 X 8 Ohm Cabinet Connected to One of the 8 Ohm Outputs
2 X 16 Ohm Cabinets Each Connected to One of the 8 Ohm Outputs
Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D): 40 X 21 X 18 Cm (15.75 X 8.27 X 7.09″)
Unboxed Weight: 8.06 Kg (17.77 lbs.)

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