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The Marshall of Your Dreams

Wildwoodians, we are proud to present our selection of Limited Edition Design Store amps and cabinets. These powerful pieces of gear showcase a handful of the myriad options available through Marshall's Design Store program. Basically, the Design Store allows you to select from an array of iconic appointments to customize your new Marshall amp. You simply have to decide what color, tolex, covering, grille cloth, logo, piping and beading you like best, and the fine people at the Marshall factory in Bletchley, England will make your dream amp a reality! This run of limited amps and cabs highlights just some of the cool combinations you can create through the Design Store. We're only getting a few of these radical amps and cabs, but have no fear: we are offering preorders so that you can secure yours in advance so you don't miss out!

Also, if you've ever had an idea for the sweetest-looking Marshall ever, or if these amps have spurred your creativity and given you an idea, or if you just want a murdered-out all-black Marshall because it'd look sick, you can give us a call and we'll see if we can set you up with your dream Marshall!

A 2x12 Terror

Wildwoodians, we are proud to present the Studio Classic 2x12, a compact 2x12 that delivers the rock and roll power and response of a 4x12 in a more compact package. Designed to be paired with one of Marshall's Studio range of heads (which are 20-Watt versions of iconic 100-watt Marshall circuits), the SC212 delivers true Marshall tone at manageable volumes. It oozes swagger thanks to its slanted construction and classic Marshall styling, and it is a true sonic titan.

Because it is handbuilt in Britain, the Marshall SC212 exhibits exceptional build quality, and it sets high marks for durability, reliability, and frequency response. It also has a lightweight chassis to make transportation easier. Two seventy-watt Celestion V-Type speakers give the SC212 a beautifully balanced tone with lots of midrange warmth and high-end chime and sparkle. In general, these speakers have a vintage flavor, and they work beautifully for overdriven or distorted playing. Because of this, the Studio Classic 2x12 makes a wonderful pairing with the Studio Classic 20 head's high-octane JCM800-inspired tone. Nevertheless, the SC212 works marvelously with any amp head with a rock and roll attitude.

We are proud to present the Studio Classic 2x12, a cab that captures the sound and the fury of a Marshall stack in a slim, streamlined package. It's incredible sound quality and head-turning good looks are sure to inspire you to plug in, crank the volume, and rock out.

Power handling: 140W
Speaker configuration: 2x12"
Speaker model: 2 x Celestion V-Type (16Ω, 70W)
Unit impedance: 8Ω
Weight: 22.70 kg / 50.1 lbs.
Width: 535 mm / 21.1"
Height: 750 mm / 29.5"
Depth: 320 mm / 12.6"

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