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A Jammin' JVM

Wildwoodians, we are delighted to present the Marshall JVM205H, a glorious guitar amplifier that offers a ton of inspiring tones. It's a gigging musician's best friend, and it's a veritable sonic Swiss Army knife in the studio, because it allows you to toggle between its many munificent Marshall tones easily and quickly with the included footswitch. It has two channels--a clean/crunch channel and an overdrive channel--and each has three different modes: green, yellow, and red. For both channels, the green mode has the least gain, the yellow mode has middle-gain, and the red mode has the most gain. So, you get six different varieties of classic Marshall sound, and you can assign your four favorite tones to the footswitch. This configuration allows you to cover a ton of sonic territory, so let's dive deeper and explore how the different modes and channels sound.

The clean/crunch channel is packed with classic Marshall sounds. The green mode delivers a wonderfully detailed, sweet, warm clean tone with exceptional articulation and sparkle. Next, the yellow mode delivers pure vintage crunchy bliss, and the red mode puts out rich, robust overdriven tone that conjures heavy seventies vibes. The overdrive channel picks up where the clean/crunch leaves off. The green mode delivers hot-rodded Marshall tone perfect for hard rock, the yellow mode will induce metal madness, and the red mode pushes the EL34 tubes into modern high-gain territory. In all channels, the JVM205H maintains superb articulation and full frequency response.

It also comes with a host of modern refinements that make life easier for musicians. It has an emulated XLR line out so you can send the sound guy a sculpted direct tone to blend with your amp tone in the room, and a MIDI input that allows you to access the full functionality of the amp using MIDI equipment. Finally, it has an effects loop with a mix control and a level switch that lets you dial in the perfect amount of volume for your effects, and three-dimensional, atmospheric digital reverb.

We're proud to present the Marshall JVM205H, versatile amp with tons of inspiring tones on tap. It's a Swiss Amry knife with a bad attitude, and we're sure it will help have a blast making a joyous racket.

Model: JVM205H
Range: JVM
Channels: Two with Three Modes Apiece
Technology: Valve
Output wattage: 50 watts
Outputs: 5 x 1/4" jack sockets (16Ω load / 8Ω load / 4Ω load), Emulated Line Out (XLR), MIDI Thru
Inputs: 1 x 1/4" jack instrument input, MIDI In, Footswitch
Controls: Channel and mode select (button), gain (per channel), treble (per channel), middle (per channel), bass (per channel), reverb (per channel), presence, resonance, master volume select, master volume (switchable for each channel)
Effects: Digital Reverb
Effects Loop: 2, 1 x series-parallel, 1 x series
Preamp valves: 4 x ECC83 (Three preamp tubes, 1 phase splitter)
Power amp valves: 2 x EL34
Footswitch: PEDL-91006 included
Cable: Detachable power cable and speaker cable included
Weight: 17.5 kg / 39 lbs.
Width: 740 mm / 29.1"
Height: 310 mm / 12.2"
Depth: 215 mm / 8.5"

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