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The Sound of Jubiliation

Wildwoodians, we are pleased to present you with the Marshall 2536A Silver Jubilee Cabinet, because it sounds great and it looks cooler than Miles Davis eating an Icee in an igloo during a snowstorm! With its vertical speaker arrangement and slanted construction, it has the classic look of a Marshall stack, but it's much easier to transport. Of course, the silver tolex, the black grill, and the classic Marshall logo give it a regal, elegant aesthetic.

But, the 2536A is more than a pretty face--it sounds killer. Because of Marshall's uber-solid build quality, this cab is reliable and has full frequency response. Of course, a cab is only as good as its speakers, and the Jubilee 2x12 is loaded with a pair of monster: two 70-watt Celestion G12 Vintage. These speakers sound delectable. If you like warm, full-bodied low-end along with rich, vocal midrange and articulate, detailed highs, you'll love the frequency response of the G12 Vintage. Marshall amps also love these speakers, as they complement the classic punchy, creamy tone of a Marshall beautifully.

We're proud to present the Silver Jubilee 2536A 2x12, a bulletproof cab that looks as cool as it sounds. We invite you to plug into one, crank the volume, and experience the iconic Marshall sound firsthand!

Power handling: 140W
Speaker configuration: 2x12"
Speaker model: 2 x Celestion G12 Vintage (16Ω, 70W)
Unit impedance: 8Ω Mono
Weight: 26 kg / 57 lbs.
Width: 530 mm / 20.9"
Depth: 310 mm / 12.2"
Height: 750 mm / 29.5"

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Serial Number: M-2536A-U
Quantity on hand: 2

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