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Sonic Evaluation

Where to start with this glorious Froggy Bottom K Deluxe Maple machine? For starters, the AAAAA tiger fiddleback rock maple back and sides are borderline entrancing to look at. With these outrageous pieces of maple, a bound headstock, an abalone rosette, flamed maple binding, and a sweet tobacco sunburst finish, this guitar cuts quite an imposing figure. It's okay to stare, Wildwoodians--I know I did!

Sonically, this serial is positively enchanting. It showcases lots of maple's classic characteristics (articulate attack, impeccable clarity, fast decay), but its most impressive quality is its balanced voice. The trebles are everything you hope for when you strum an acoustic made of maple: clear, sparkly, and glassy without any hint of harshness. The lows are also glorious, and bass notes sound sonorous, open, and warm. Now, large guitars with maple bodies aren't known for their midrange, but this serial produces a strong fundamental in the midrange. This gives it truly world-beating fullness without sacrificing clarity.

It also has just the right amount of headroom for a strummer. If you ease off with your right hand, it sounds crystalline, smooth and delicate. When you dig into those big cowboy chords, overtones start to pop out of the Adirondack top. The high end sparkles and shimmers more and more, but it never overwhelms the ear with too much harmonic information.

One further note: the Adirondack top ensures that the attack always maintains a woody, pleasant quality. You can really dig in to this guitar, and it still sounds pleasant and balanced.

If you seek a larger acoustic guitar with maple back and sides, or if you're a strummer with an itch for world-beating tone, this serial may make you contemplate guitar monogamy. We're proud to showcase such an inspiring guitar, and we know it will help you reach new heights on your fretboard adventures.


Brand Froggy Bottom Guitars
ModelK Deluxe Maple
Top WoodAdirondack Red Spruce
Back & Sides WoodAAAAA Tiger Fiddleback Rock Maple
Neck WoodMahogany
FingerboardGabon Ebony
Fingerboard InlaysGreen Abalone
Neck Measurements.860 1st - .900 9th
Scale Length25.25"
Width at Nut1 3/4"
Nut MaterialBone
TunersNickel Waverly
BridgeBelly Bridge with 2 5/16" Spacing
CaseBlack American Vintage Series TKL

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Serial Number: K2091

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