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The Patron Saint of Modern Pop

It may seem a bit egotistical for someone to brand themselves as a saint, but for Annie Clark--stage name St. Vincent--such a lordly moniker is totally justified. Though Clark actually took her name from a Nick Cage song and has no desire to canonize herself (that's a job for music writers!), her name is fitting because she really is a patron saint of modern pop music.

Clark has a rep as a guitar hero, and though the may have honed her chops during three years of study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, she's much more than a mere virtuoso. Certainly, her otherworldly guitar playing is impressive, but few virtuosos ever write songs as good as hers. Her art-damaged brand of indie rock draws from many artistic wells, her lyrics are poetic and thoughtfully composed, her melodies are catchy, and her riffs are awesome.

When you consider Clark's brilliance in all aspects of her songwriting, it's clear that she is a true pop auteur in the vein of David Bowie or Prince. So, our friends at Ernie Ball jumped at the chance to work with her on a new signature model guitar. Wildwoodians, we are proud to present the fruits of their labors: the Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent Signature.

See the Vision

Signature guitars are often the product of hours of discussion between artist and maker, but Annie Clark took an especially hands-on approach in designing the St. Vincent Signature with Ernie Ball. On her first visit to the factory, she drew a quick sketch of her vision, and the design has actually changed very little from her initial drawing. She also mixed the color for the first finish (appropriately named Vincent Blue) herself! So, the St. Vincent Signature really is a reflection of Clark's unique artistic vision.

Dancing With A Ghost

The body that Clark sketched on that visit to the factory is truly remarkable. Its shape allows it be remarkably light, and it hugs the contours of the human body nicely whether you are sitting down or standing. In fact, it's so comfortable to play that one of my coworkers sat down with it and asked me if it was short-scale. It's not--it's actually a full 25.5" scale--but it's so easy to access the St. Vincent Signature's upper frets (and its handfeel is so buttery) that you might get momentarily confused, too. It's so light and effortless that it feels like you're dancing with a ghost once you plug in!

Munificent Mahogany Tones

The aforementioned comfortable body is made of resonant lightweight African mahogany, an excellent building block for killer electric guitar tone. Many of the mahogany's classic traits are present here, especially the round attack and warm, woody, midrange-forward voice.

So, the St. Vincent Signature's unamplified tone is lovely, but the three custom DiMarzio mini-humbuckers are what really provide the secret sauce. Mini humbuckers never seem to get as much love as their big brother, and that's a real shame, because they produce some of the most inspiring tones you'll ever hear. And the DiMarzios in the St. Vincent Signature are the absolute cream of the crop! So, let's take a closer look and see what makes them so delightful.

Midrange Masseducation

Midrange is the most important ingredient to a good electric guitar sound, and the St. Vincent Signature is more or less perfect in that regard. A quick primer: an electric guitar's midrange response usually falls into one of two categories: punchy or broad. When the midrange sounds punchy, it's because there's a certain resonance in one area of the frequency spectrum that sticks out and "punches" the eardrum. By contrast, guitars with "broad" midrange have beefy response in the upper mids, lower mids, and mid-mids (we guitarists NEED a better word for the middle of the midrange). Essentially, the mids become the entire EQ.

Ernie Ball and DiMarzio went for punchy perfection with the St. Vincent Signature HHH, and they nailed it. I couldn't draw up a better frequency response for that sort of sound. Though its midrange is quite focused, it still maintains that crucial warm, woody character so that the guitar always sounds round and pleasant. And, though the mids are focused, they're still beefy enough to feel robust and muscular. Ditto for the lows, which are nice and tight but powerful enough to give you immense satisfaction when you hit an E power chord.

Sophisticated Sensitivity

Furthermore, the high-end is uncommonly touch-sensitive. When you play with softer right-hand dynamics, the trebles sound glassy, smooth, and clear. As you hit harder, a nice blend of sunny overtones starts to pop out of the strings, which gives the highs a pleasant chiming, sparkling tone. While many guitars with mahogany bodies have a lean, midrange-forward tone like St. Vincent, few have this much subtlety, sophistication, and dynamic response. Using just positions one, two, and three (bridge, middle, and neck, respectively), you can cop a wide variety of killer tones that will work in just about any musical context.

Thin it Out

And that's just the standard humbucker sounds! With the St. Vincent Signature, you can cop a couple of unusual and interesting sounds in positions five and four on the pickup selector switch. Position 5 activates the neck and bridge pickups in parallel, while position 4 utilizes all three pickups in parallel. Both of these sounds dial back the punch in favor of more quack and jangle, and they are sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration.

Right in the Feels

Of course, the Music Man St. Vincent Signature showcases Ernie Ball's tireless commitment to incredible build quality. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques allow them to build guitars with ridiculous precision, and that results in world-beating playability. The thin, comfortable neck profile is home to a modern 10" radius, which is great for just about every playing style (ditto for the high-profile, medium width frets).

I could rhapsodize about how wonderful the St. Vincent Signature feels to play, but perhaps the greatest testament to its playability and vibe is that Jack White decided to make it his go-to stage guitar. White, long known for playing beat-up pawn shop guitars with high action, recently had an epiphany and decided to switch to modern guitars that play easily. On the ensuing 2018 tour, White played a St. Vincent Signature every single night. It's truly rare for a guitar to play perfectly AND have enough vibe and mojo to impress Jack White, but our friends at Ernie Ball have done it with the St. Vincent Signature.

We're proud to showcase such a glorious guitar for our exceptional customers. We know that its eye-catching looks, exceptional tone, and supreme playability will help you reach new heights on your six-string journey. We invite you to take one for a spin today and get inspired by the energy of one pop music's greatest artists.


Brand Ernie Ball Music Man
ModelSt. Vincent Signature
Limited Run#76 of 87
Finish ColorTurquoise Crush
Finish TypeHigh Gloss Polyester
Weight6.96 lbs.
Body WoodAfrican Mahogany
Neck WoodRoasted Figured Maple
Neck FinishGloss Gunstock Oil and Hand-Rubbed Special Wax Blend
Neck Dimensions.810 1st-.920 12th
Fingerboard Radius10"
Fingerboard InlaysCustom St. Vincent
Scale Length25.5"
Width at Nut1.650"
Frets22 High Profile Medium Width
Pickups3 Custom DiMarzio Mini-Humbuckers
Electronic ShieldingGraphite Acrylic Resin Coated Body Cavity and Aluminum-Lined Pickguard
Controls1 Volume, 1 Tone, 5-Way Switch
SwitchingPosition 1 is Bridge, Position 2 is Middle, Position 3 is neck, Position 4 is all pickups in parallel, Position 5 is neck and bridge in parallel
BridgeCustom St. Vincent Music Man Modern Tremolo with Vintage Bent Steel Saddles
TunersSchaller M6-IND Locking
Pickguard1-Ply White
CaseMolded Plastic Hardshell

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