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A Lunchbox Amp With a Library of Tones

Wildwoodians, we are proud to present the Revv G20, a two-channel lunchbox amp that covers an incredible amount of sonic territory. From crystalline cleans to unholy metal madness, the G20 can do it all, and at a highly player-friendly price point, too! Not to mention, it has some next-level reactive load and impulse response technology that allows you to achieve heretofore-unseen levels of musical mad scientist tone-tweaking. Without further adieu, let's dive deeper and see what makes the G20 so Revv-olutionary!

The Cleans of Your Dreams

Though Revv Amplification is known for its high-gain amps, the G20's clean channel offers a wide palette of pitch-perfect lower-gain sounds, and it is one of the best pedal platforms around. Designed with the input of several Nashville session players, these 6V6-equipped sonic Swiss Army knives have gorgeous clean sounds, classic crunchy American overdrive tone, and beefy, rich distortion when you crank them. Even if you're not a pedal enthusiast, these amps are great for blues, country, jazz, indie, and rock. But, the beautiful thing is, the G20's clean channel works marvelously with all sorts of high-gain distortions and fuzz boxes because it has excellent articulation, clarity, and balance. So, in a way, the D20 is a bit of a stylistic chameleon in that it adapts to whatever pedal you put in front of it.

At lower volumes, the G20's clean channel gives you lots of different colors of clean sounds. The three-band EQ does a lot of heavy lifting, so you can get everything from jangly, British Invasion-esque chime to warm, pure, woody sounds perfect for jazz to twangy country sounds. As you turn the gain up, you can also get a really lovely pushed clean sound with full, warm bass response and delicious sparkle in the highs. Of course, it has tons of headroom, so it plays beautifully with pedals. With the gain cranked, you get into crunchy overdrive territory that evokes the classic sounds of the sixties and seventies. You can also use the Wide switch to broaden the spectrum of frequencies affected by the midrange knob. All in all, the G20's clean channel captures the classic sounds of American 6V6 amps and refines them for the modern era. Whether you're a session player, weekend gigger, or living room rocker, you'll love the clean channel's versatility and high-fidelity sound.

All of the Dirt Sounds! ALL OF THEM!

If you couldn't guess from the all-caps excitement in the header, the G20's dirty channel is an absolute delight. It can produce just about every variety of overdrive and distortion a working guitarist needs. At lower volumes, it provides a delectable crunchy sound suitable for blues, southern rock, classic rock and any other music that requires moderate amounts of overdrive. Inch the gain knob up and you'll get into hard rock territory and find sounds that make you cut to cut the sleeves off an Iron Maiden t-shirt and buy a headband. Think Van Halen, Maiden, Ozzy, and other music on the borderline between rock and metal. Past that point, the G20's dirty channel becomes positively chug-tastic. With heaps of gain at your disposal, you can conjure just about any modern metal sound you desire from ripping metalcore to snarling thrash to doomed sludge to venomous black metal. No matter how brutally you set the G20, it always maintains exceptional articulation and clarity, so you can play full chords without worrying about slipping into the mud.

You can also shape the characteristics of the dirty channel using the Aggression switch on the front of the amp. Pushing it once puts the amp in blue mode, which makes the amp sound brawnier and hairier. Push it again to enter red mode, which helps the G20's dirty channel achieve unholy levels of scooped gnarlitude by fattening its bass response and making the trebles snarl. As with the clean channel, you can also activate the Wide button to broaden the midrange.

As you can see, the G20's dirty channel does indeed give you all the dirty sounds. From light bluesy crunch to screaming metal, it does it all. With this wide palette of dirty sounds, you can find every hue and shade of distortion you need to paint your sonic masterpiece.

Transformative Torpedo Tech

The Revv G20 can take you to sonic nirvana even if you never take advantage of its advanced capabilities, but it has some truly powerful tech under the hood capable of cultivating extreme musical joy. It has a Two notes Torpedo reactive load box built into its circuit, which gives you access to all sorts of killer impulse responses. For those who are unfamiliar, impulse response technology is the best thing since the wah pedal, and Two notes Audio Engineering produce some of the finest examples of this innovative tech. It allows you to get studio-quality tone live in the room and practice or record silently without sacrificing the organic sound of your amp.

How does it work? Well, essentially, impulse responses are an audiophile-quality form of cabinet simulation, and reactive load technology allows you to run the amp without connecting it to a cab. Impulse responses use sample-based technology to perform pitch-perfect impersonations of a variety of mic'd up speaker cabinets. So, you can send a direct line out of the G20 that responds and sounds just like a studio recording of, say, a 4x12 with a classic dynamic microphone, or a 2x12 with a ribbon mic. So, you get incredible fidelity, and all you have to do is send a cable out of the back of the amp--no cab required. The G20 comes pre-loaded with six different IRs, all of which sound delightful. As if that wasn't enough, you can use Two notes Audio Engineering's Torpedo software to tweak your tone to your heart's content.

Using this intuitive software, you can experiment with new microphones, different cabs with different speakers, mic placement, reverb, and even multi-band EQ. Once you've dialed your sound perfectly, you can save it and load it as a new preset on the amp. If you want to flex your mad scientist chops, simulation mode gives you unprecedented control over a wide variety of parameters. But, if you just want to grip it and rip it, you can use Arcade mode to quickly find an inspiring sound.

And, if you want to take it a step further, you can use Two notes' power amp simulation, which mimics the response of a wide variety of tubes with the same peerless sound quality. All you have to do is use the Pre/Post switch to take the power amp out of the chain and load an IR with power-amp simulation!

For recording, this technology is a godsend. Normally, to get a great tube tone in the studio, you have to crank your amp. But, this can cause the input on the mic to clip, and it can also cause signal bleed if you are recording at the same time as another person. And, if you are recording at home, it is nigh-impossible to record at proper volume without angering your neighbors. The G20's built-in Torpedo allows you to run directly into an interface and get a real, organic, sound without making any noise. So, you can record hassle-free at any time in any situation. The G20 also has a built-in headphone output, so you can practice with rich tube tone at three in the morning if you want to!

Two notes Audio Engineering's impulse response technology is also incredibly useful in live settings. Getting a good live guitar sound is a dicey proposition at best. The room might have a weird resonance in the upper mids, the bass player's 8x10 fridge cabinet might bleed in the mic on your cab, or the sound guy may ask you to keep your amp on 1, rendering your tone flat and lifeless. Impulse response technology allows you to sidestep all of these potential pitfalls. All you have to do is dial in your tone at home, put your G20 head on the stage, and hand the sound guy a direct out. He gets a perfectly-sculpted, produced guitar tone, which he can then run through PA and the stage monitors, improving the front-of-house mix and decluttering the stage mix so you and your bandmates can hear one another better.

How Much Tone Can You Fit Into a Lunchbox?

Wildwoodians, it's almost as if the fine folks at Revv Amplification asked themselves "How many sounds can we fit into a lunchbox amplifier?" and then made to the G20 to find out. It can do everything from warm jazz to country twang to indie jangle to classic rock to blues to hard rock to metal madness, and it handles business in all of these genres with great aplomb. It may very well be one of the most versatile amps we've ever had the privilege of showcasing, and we are proud to present it for you. We invite you to take one for a spin and experience the tone Revv-olution for yourself.

Crushing & Clear high gain tones developed with feedback from leading artists & producers
2 Channels, 3-band EQ + Volume & Gain controls, Aggression & Wide voice switches
Fully programmable & recallable via MIDI – or with optional footswitch
Switchable from 20 to 4 watts
2 6v6 – 3 12ax7
Buffered Series FX Loop
Switchable 4/8 Ohm speaker jack
Embedded Two notes Reactive Load & Virtual Cabinets
Go direct to Front of House, interface, or headphones – without a cabinet.
Hundreds of virtual mics, speakers, cabinets, EQ, reverb, & more available.
XLR Balanced Direct Output, USB, & Ground Lift for Torpedo Embedded
6 Pre-Loaded Virtual Cabinets selectable via front knob – all customizable. Or up to 128 via MIDI.
100ms Virtual Cabinet length
“Pre & Post” switch selects whether (in reactive load direct mode only) the power amp is in the signal chain. This is so you can take advantage of Two notes’ power amp simulation & dramatically change the character of the G20 with virtual tubes such as EL34, if you like.
Reactive Load automatically engages when speaker is not detected to preserve amp
Select Between Internal & Speaker Load
Level-Adjustable Headphone Out
Small, Light, & Durable
6.3125″x7.5″x12.3125″ including knobs, not including handle
High Quality Transformers
Easily Accessible Rear-Bias Test
Easily Accessible Fuse
Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Enclosure
Weighs ~9lbs
LED-Illuminated Badge
International Voltages Available
1 Year Warranty

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