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Not Your Daddy's Overdrive.

They've arrived! When the Wildwood Staff first got up close and personal with the Friedman BE-OD at the Winter NAMM Show, we knew that Dave had done the unthinkable: incredible amp-like tone in a pedal, that delivered incredible, signature Friedman tone and, more importantly, the FEEL of the flagship BE-100 in a compact package. Enter the BE-OD, the first overdrive pedal from Friedman Amplification that is so much more than your typical overdrive pedal. The BE-OD delivers an extremely authentic tube amplifier tone with extensive tone shaping controls, including Volume, Tight, Bass, Treble, Presence, and of course, Gain. But don't be mistaken, the BE-OD is more than just a gain monster. Dial back the gain control and experience a beautiful mild breakup that reminds us of some of our favorite vintage British tonal sledghammers! Built in the USA to exceptionally high standards, the BE-OD is a stellar overdrive pedal that nails that incredible Friedman tone! The entire Wildwood Staff has been blown away by these incredible black boxes, and invites you to check one out for yourself!


• Authentic British Overdrive Tones.
• Volume, Gain, Tight, Bass, Treble and Presence.
• True Bypass Switching.
• Can be powered between 9-18VDC (no battery)
• Built in USA (using premium worldwide components)

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Serial Number: FMABEOD

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