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The "Enhancifier" Pedal by Disruptive Music Tech

ABOUT THE ENHANCIFIER & WHAT IT DOES: The Analog Psychoacoustic Boost This product is designed to enhance the quality of your instrument’s tone (and everything you plug it into) while simultaneously providing a clean to aggressive variable boost. Our goal is that the ENHANCIFIER will provide you with many years of fun, inspiration, and creative performance. The ENHANCIFIER is two distinct pedals in one.

1. At its core, the ENHANCIFIER is an Analog Psychoacoustic Processor. The ENHANCIFIER creates “space” around the notes; gives you “sheen and sparkle”; imparts depth and richness to your instrument and amplification and brings out the best characteristics of your music production tools. It also makes everything your plug into it sound more 3D with a much better touch response when playing and makes the overall sound of any instrument sound more dynamic and alive. *Psychoacoustics (sī′′kō-ə-koo͞′stĭks) Psychoacoustics is the branch of psychophysics involving the scientific study of sound perception and audiology – how humans perceive sounds. More specifically, it is the branch of science studying the psychological responses associated with sound including noise, speech, and music.

2. The ENHANCIFIER is also a Powerful Clean Boost with finely tuned interactive tonal shaping controls. INSTRUCTIONS The instrument input is the single phone jack on the right side. The output jack is on the left side next to the power supply connector. There are four controls. The two larger controls have indicator lines at 2 O’clock for reference.

1. LEVEL – Adjusts the amplification level of the ENHANCIFIER. Suggestion: Start at “2” for enhancing the tone and a slight boost. Turn up as needed. You may adjust the other controls to your taste, as all these controls are quite interactive. NOTE: These pedals are designed with enough headroom so that “there is always someplace to go”. If you dime the Level Control, it will more than likely be too much. One last thing about the LEVEL control: You may have to turn the preamp Gain / Volume controls down slightly on your amp, if you run the ENHANCIFIER at a very high setting. The ENHANCIFIER is capable of putting out a huge boost and depending on the design of some guitar amplifiers, it might simply be a little too much.

2. THE GUITAR-CENTRIC GOLDEN RANGE of TONE section The two smaller controls in this section we like to refer as “The Guitar- Centric Golden Range of Tone”. These sections of the Enhancifier are focused on a tonal range that enhances specific guitar overtones and harmonics that significantly improve the performance of your guitar and amplifier. TIGHT / LF – Guitar-Centric dynamic control of the low end. When this control is turned more counter-clockwise it “tightens up” the low end. This can be particularly useful in high-gain settings to keep your guitar and amp sound punchy and tight. Very useful for getting a “big stage sound” out of some English amplifiers but at a lower, more manageable level. When you turn the control more clockwise you add more bass but the overall performance of the low end is still tighter. Much like the rest of the controls on the Enhancifier, this control works best when used judiciously and not pushed to extremes.

NOTE: Turning the control all the way down to the tight side will reduce power overall.

HF / RICH – A bi-directional Dual Function Guitar Frequency Boost This is a significant control for guitar players. It is finely tuned to particular sweet spots that are dynamic and exciting when used with an electric guitar. When this control is turned counter-clockwise from 12 o’clock it is in the HF side of this Guitar-Centric Analog Boost. This is an Upper Mid Boost with characteristics of the treble boost networks made famous in some classic and popular UK Amplifiers. When turning the control knob in a clockwise direction, from the 12 o’clock position, you will be entering the “RICH” section of this versatile Analog Boost. This is a guitar frequency range focused harmonically rich control with specifically tuned overtones that are a delight to play and hear. Like the rest of the Enhancifier’s functions, the Rich Control is highly interactive with the other pedal controls and benefits greatly from our unique Analog Psychoacoustic Circuit. NOTE: When the HF - RICH control is set at 12 o’clock there is no frequency boost.

3. SIZZLE – FULL - A bi-directional Dual Function Frequency Boost NOTE: With the control set at the number “5” there is no frequency boost. Turning the knob counterclockwise from “5” boosts the signal with the characteristics of Vintage UK Treble Booster Pedal that is combined with our Unique Psychoacoustic Circuit. Turning the knob clockwise from “5” engages a Full Frequency Boost with our Unique Psychoacoustic Circuit. The tonalities of the ENHANCIFER’S Unique Psychoacoustic Full Frequency Boost are reminiscent of the desirable tones produced by classic high-end studio audio processors like the tube-based Teletronix LA-2 and the United Audio 1176. Knowledgeable recording engineers around the World covet these processors. Like the other ENHANCIFIER controls, turning it to “10” or “1” might be too much. Just like the LEVEL control, we suggest backing off a little from the extreme settings. The ENHANCIFIER is very flexible and can be applied in many different ways.

Some suggestions:

1. The Enhancifier will improve your Tone significantly. Try playing it for 30 minutes or more, and then turn it off and then notice what you experience. Repeatedly we have heard players say: “Why would you ever turn that off?”

2. Use the “Sizzle – Boost” control to boost and tighten up an already “heavy” or dark amplifier by turning it towards the “Sizzle” setting.

3. The ENHANCIFIER does a very good job of helping control an amplifier that wants to get loud very easily and for amplifiers that don’t get the sound you are looking for unless they are turned up to very high levels. With the ENHANCIFIER you can get that “big stage sound” at much lower volumes. 4. The ENHANCIFIER is not only for Electric Guitar Amplified Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Violin (and Electric Cello, Alto, Stand Up Bass), Recording Consoles, Outboard Effect for Live Mixing Consoles, and many other Instruments will benefit significantly from the rich characteristics of this unique Psychoacoustic Boost. NOTE: About Power Supplies The ENHANCIFIER is designed to run on 18 volts for optimal performance but works quite well with a quality-regulated 12-volt power supply. Two 9-volt battery connections are also available inside the case. Have Fun!


• Analog Psychoacoustic Processor.
• Powerful Clean Boost.
• Level, Sizzle, HF/Rich, and Tight/LF.
• Powered by 18VDC (Two 9-volt batteries included)/Quality Regulated 12-volt power supply option (not included).
• Not solely for electric guitar.
• Designed and Built in the USA.

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