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There is no denying the iconic roar of Diezel guitar amplifiers. From the minute the VH4 took to the airwaves, their amps have been synonymous with high-gain tones, inspiring cleans, and responsive crunch.

Combined with their slew of onboard, player-friendly features, Diezel amplifiers have always been the ultimate in tone, flexibility, and control. And now they’re taking it to a whole new level.

Introducing Diezel’s most versatile, all-tube design ever, the VHX 100-watt head. From its name, it’s apparent where the VHX derives inspiration. But the VH4 is just the beginning. Onboard you have access to all the most sought-after Diezel tones from their most popular amps, each one fully analog and all tube.

However, the magic lies in the VHX’s revolutionary DSP-based control. Arming the amp with all of the tools you need, this system includes studio-grade effects, instant access to user-customizable presets, and an IR-enabled DI for immaculate direct tones. Add in the amp’s three programmable, independent effects loops and a Cab-less Mode, and there’s nothing you can’t do with the VHX.
For Diezel to evolve, they had to improve upon the best. And the VHX 100-watt head achieves that and more. No matter what kind of music you play or where you play it, the Diezel VHX is for you. As with all Diezel amps, the VHX is handmade in Germany.

The heart and soul of the VHX are its all-tube, all-analog pre and power amp sections, which allow spot-on tonal recreations of the Diezel Herbert, Hagen, VH4, and Paul amplifiers, to name a few. So whether you’re looking for vintage amp feel or pulverizing grind, the VHX has it.

● Pure, all-tube, analog signal path
● Fully programmable and storable settings (Gain, EQs, Volumes…), with up to 99
different sound combination
● Outfitted with 4 x KT-77 and 5 x 12ax7 tubes
● All of Diezel’s most famous amp tones in one amp
• VH4, Herbert, Hagen, Paul, Einstein, and more

Groundbreaking DSP Control
From in-depth tonal and signal chain customization and easy-access presets to a vast array of
top-tier effects, the VHX is a complete rig in a box. And even with all that power onboard, its
front-mounted high-resolution display makes it easy to find the perfect tone.
● Full, onboard control via clear and easy-to-navigate screens
● Access to thousands of parameters for fine-tuning your sound
● Plenty of preset locations for instant recall of your favorite tones
● MIDI and Diezel Columbus switcher compatible
● Fast and intuitive workflow

All of Your Favorite Effects
The VHX houses all of your favorite modulations, infinitely tweakable time-based effects, and
more. With 10 of these studio-grade effects available, expanding its capabilities on every
update, this amp is all you need. And if you can’t live without your favorite stomps, you also get
two programmable post-preamp effects loops and a pre-loop for placing pedals out in front.
● 10 onboard effects (DOS 1.71)
○ Noise Gate, Compressor, Quad/Polyphonic Pitch Shifter, Delay, Chorus, Flanger,
Phaser, Reverb, Tremolo, Graphic EQ

● Each effect is fully tweakable and offers immense tonal shaping
● Place your effects anywhere in the post-preamp signal chain
● 2 programmable effects loops can be used independently or in unison
● Pre-loop is perfect for placing drives and filters before the preamp section
The Ultimate IR-enabled Amplifier
The VHX’s DI output offers IRs of two of the world’s most iconic Celestion speakers. And with
multiple microphone/mic placement options and a convenient Cabless Mode, it’s perfect for
silent stages, during practice, and while recording.
● Virtual speakers: Celestion V30 and Celestion G12K-100
● Virtual microphones: SM57, R121, C414, MD421
● Fine-tune your DI tone with multiple mic position settings
● Cabless Mode engages an internal load for use without an attached cab

• 100-W All-Tube Amplifier Head
• Tubes: 4 x KT-77 and 5 x 12ax7 tubes
• Fully Programmable analog 4-channel Tube Amp
• Up To 99 presets
• Built-In DSP FX
• 64 high-quality IRs already loaded - can be used without a cabinet
• Built-in Automatic Tuner
• Channels: 4; Power: 100 watts; Pre-Amp Tubes: 5 x 12AX7; Power-Amp Tubes: 4 x KT77;
• Controls: Gain, Voice, Shape, Bass, Middle, Treble, Deep, Presence, Master, Mid Cut, Master
• Effects (DOS 1.71): Cabsim, Compressor, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Pitch Shifter,
Tremolo, Noise Gate, Graphic EQ
• Speaker Outputs: 1 x 16 Ohms, 1 x 8 Ohms (2 x 16 Ohms) & 1 x 4 Ohms (2 x 8 Ohms)
• Effect Loops: 1 switchable Pre Loop, 2 switchable FX Loop (Serial/Parallel)
• Connections: Input (1/4" Jack), Pre Loop Send & Return (2 x 1/4"" Jack)
• Serial Loop Send & Return (2 x 1/4" Jack)
• Parallel Loop Send & Return (2 x 1/4" Jack)
• Bluetooth MIDI
• MIDI In & Thru
• Handmade in Germany
• Dimensions: 23.5" length x 11.5” wide x 11.5” high
• Weight: 53 lbs.

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