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The Sound of the Sixties

The year 1965 was quite a time to be alive if you were a fan of guitars, rock and roll, and bell-bottoms. The Beatles gifted the world with two albums that redefined pop music, Help and Rubber Soul. But that wasn't all that happened across the pond! The Yardbirds and the Kinks both made their mark, and The Who tapped into a whole new brand of musical ferociousness on their debut, My Generation. Elsewhere in England, a riff came in a dream to a young man named Keith Richard, and he ran that dream-riff through a Maestro FZ-1 fuzz pedal. The resulting song became a rock anthem for generation that couldn't get no satisfaction, and it pushed snarling, hard-edged music to the forefront of musical consciousness.

Fender's new 1965 Stratocaster from the 2019 Custom Collection captures the magic of 1965 and distills it into pure rock and roll satisfaction. Atop the alder body, you can find three hand-wound '65 Strat single-coils that sing out with a spectacular blend of authority and warmth. If you like glassy, sparkly, chime-y high-end, or throaty, singing midrange, or warm, muscular lows, your ear drums will be tickled pink by the sound of these pickups!

Spectacular Feel

Though the 1965 Stratocaster has plenty of vintage vibe when it comes to sound, its comfortable modern ergonomics will delight even the most demanding modern player.First things first: the '65 C-shaped neck profile is just right. It's thin down low and it becomes nice and thick by the twelfth fret so you can really dig into those big Hendrixian bends. Also, its well-rounded 9.5" radius allows the player to execute just about every technique and playing style with ease. Furthermore, its narrow-tall 6105 frets allow the player to bend easily and generally use less left-hand effort while promoting resonance and sustain.

Oh, and did we mention that they look great, too? These Custom Shop beauties come in a variety of killer finishes with Journeyman relic jobs and closet classic hardware for just the right amount of vintage vibe.

We are proud to present our exceptional customers with the 1965 Stratocaster from the 2019 Custom Collection. We believe it does a marvelous job of capturing the sweet sounds of the sixties, and we know it will inspire you to reach new heights on your fretboard journey.


Brand Fender Custom Shop
Model2019 Collection 1965 Stratocaster
Finish ColorAged Burgundy Mist Metallic
AgingJourneyman Relic
Finish TypeNitrocellulose Lacquer
Weight7.70 lbs.
Body WoodSelect Alder
Neck WoodTinted Quartersawn Maple
Neck Shape1965 "C"
Neck Dimensions.810 1st - .950 12th
Fingerboard Radius9.5"
Nut MaterialBone
Frets21 6105s
Pickups3 Custom Shop Hand-Wound '65 Single-Coil Strat Pickups (Middle is RWRP)
Controls1 Volume, 2 Tone, 5-Way
HardwareCloset Classic Nickel/Chrome
TunersVintage-Style with Fender Logo
BridgeVintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo
Pickguard3-Ply Eggshell
CaseHardshell Case

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