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The Beginning of a Legacy

When Guild opened their new plant in Westerly, Rhode Island in 1967 after outgrowing their last few facilities, the Guild M-20 was the first guitar to be built on the production line. It's easy to see why they chose the M-20 to christen their shiny new factory: it was a solid, versatile working man's acoustic guitar that provided incredible tone at a fantastic price. The M-20's no-frills looks and rich, warm tone caused quite a stir among acoustic adventurers of the sixties and seventies, including the great Nick Drake, who chose to pose with his beloved M-20 on the cover of his seminal Bryter Larter album (Wildwoodians, if you haven't listened to Nick Drake, drop everything, cancel all your obligations for the day, grab a box of tissues, and listen to Pink Moon posthaste--you won't be disappointed).

Very little has changed since 1967, and that's a good thing! Just like its vintage forefathers, the modern M-20 is still a solid-wood guitar with a rich voice produced with impeccable craftsmanship and care in the USA. We believe it continues the proud legacy of Guild guitars while providing a few vital upgrades for the discerning modern player, so let's take a closer look and see what makes the newest incarnation of the M-20 so awesome!

Going 'Hog Wild

I know two things for certain in life: that "More Than a Feeling" by Boston is the greatest song ever recorded, and that you can't go wrong with a concert-bodied acoustic guitar made of solid mahogany. It's a perfect pairing of shape and tonewood! Mahogany is a warm-sounding wood known for its round, even attack, fast response time, and spectacular midrange response. The concert body size is known for its exceptional articulation and clarity, and it has a bit less headroom than its larger dreadnought brother. This means you can dig in and "max out" the top and pull sparkling overtones out of the wood with a bit more ease. So, together, they combine to give you a guitar with a warm, clear, dynamic voice!

But this combination of wood and shape isn't the only thing that makes this all-'hog monster special; in fact, the Guild M-20 stands out from its all-mahogany brethren because of its bracing and scale length. It has a 24-3/4" scale, which imparts a bit more percussiveness to the attack and bit more note-bloom afterwards. It also has scalloped sitka spruce bracing, which brightens the high-end slightly and gives the guitar a bit more boom in the bass. The result? A fresh take on a classic sound that emphasizes dynamic response and articulation!

In Your Element

Gigging musicians will be glad to know that the Guild M-20E features a pickup system that preserves their spectacular unplugged tone with super fidelity. Each M-20E is equipped with an LR Baggs Element pickup system, which can only be described as (and this is highly scientific guitar terminology) the bee's knees. Most acoustic pickups capture signal by picking up on the compression of the guitar's strings as the vibrate, but the Element matches the vibration of the top with a thin film sensor for a more natural acoustic tone. As a result, the Guild M-20E is an instrument that as good on stage as it does on the couch!

Coming Full Circle

It's worth mentioning that when Guild re-opened its American production facilities in 2014, the M-20 was one of the first guitars to come off the line, just like in 1967. It was a fitting guitar for such an auspicious occasion, because it exemplifies many of Guild's core values: stellar craftsmanship, excellent value, and inspiring tone. We are proud to present this modern take on an American classic, and we are sure you will love it just as much as we do!


Brand Guild Guitars
Top WoodSolid Mahogany
Body TypeConcert
Top FinishSatin
BracingScalloped Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides WoodSolid Mahogany
Back & Sides FinishSatin
Neck FinishSatin
Neck WoodMahogany
Neck JointMortise and Tenon
Neck Shape"C"
FingerboardEast Indian Rosewood
Neck Dimensions.870 1st - .890 9th
Fingerboard InlaysDiamonds and Squares Short Pattern
Scale Length24-3/4"
Width at Nut1-3/4''
Fingerboard Radius12"
Nut MaterialBone
RosetteABS Ring
BridgeEast Indian Rosewood
TunersGuild Vintage Style Open Gear in Nickel with Cream Buttons, 20:1 Ratio
ElectronicsLR Baggs Element with Volume and Tone Control
CaseGuild Deluxe Humidified Wood Case

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