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Armageddon in a Stompbox

In German, “Überschall” means “Super Sonic,” but all you need to know is that the name of this pedal has an umlaut in it! Why? Because umlauts are a harbinger of gnarly guitar sounds, which the Bogner Überschall provides in spades. Ever since it was introduced in 2001, the Überschall amplifier has been synonymous with flamethrower-esque hi-gain brutality. Now, the scientist-wizards at Bogner have managed to pack all of this Umlaut-worthy tone into a stompbox, and Wildwood is proud to showcase a pedal with such scorching sounds on tap.

So, how does the Überschall manage to make the end of the world sound so good? Well, it all starts with an advanced circuit designed by Reinhold Bogner that increases the voltage of the pedal internally. This extra headroom allows the Überschall to remain clear and crisp even when you heap on apocalyptic levels of gain! Few hi-gain distortion pedals are ever able to deliver this level of note separation and touch-sensitivity as they melt faces.

Though the Überschall does low- and medium-gain overdrive quite well, it shines the brightest when used to melt faces. Thankfully, it’s easy to dial in destructive tones with the expressive three-band EQ. Also, the volume knob has a ridiculous amount of boost on tap, and the gain knob can take you from crispy saturation to all-out nuclear war with a flick of the finger. As if that weren’t enough, the Überschall also has a footswitchable boost with an independent volume control, just in case you need a little extra brutality.

Bogner also only uses the highest-quality components to make sure that each one of these delightful hi-gain sounds achieves maximum gnarliness. They start with a double-sided, gold-plated circuit board and add in WIMA capacitors from Germany and Nichicon capacitors from Japan for the most amp-like tone possible. Then, they add in gold-plated relays and a ridiculously durable, smooth Carling switches. This remarkable build quality means that you get skull-crushing tones with the best fidelity possible.

Wildwood Guitars to proud to offer our exceptional customers such an expressive hi-gain pedal, and we can’t wait to see what crushing tones you craft with the Überschall!

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