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Back in 1992, the mad scientists at Bogner unleashed a terrifying amplifier on the world and named it after the feeling it gives your eardrums: the Ecstasy. Its tone was as fiery as it was versatile, and it quickly became one of the most iconic amps of the modern age. Now, after years of electronic experimentation, the Bogner team has figured out how to distill the essence of the Ecstasy’s lower-gain Blue channel into a stompbox, and Wildwood Guitars is proud to present the fruits of their labor.

The Bogner Ecstasy Blue Overdrive has one of the most revolutionary circuits we’ve ever seen here at Wildwood. Most overdrive pedals have some sort of clipping diode or op-amp to introduce distortion to your signal, but the Ecstasy Blue Overdrive eschews these parts in favor of five discrete Class A gain stages that mirror the circuitry of the actual amplifier. This style of gain-staging—along with some advanced internal circuitry that boosts the pedal’s voltage—allows these Bogner pedals to be as open, touch-sensitive and dynamic as a great tube amp!

They’re also quite useful as tone-shaping tools thanks to the plethora of tweakable controls. Of course, they have a three-band EQ to help you dial in your preferred frequency response curve, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For further EQ tweaks, you can use the mode switch to go back and forth between Tight, Mellow, and Full voicings. Also, you can use the Variac switch to drop the voltage of the pedal, which gives you all sorts of old-school tube-amp sag and dynamic compression. The Pre-EQ switch allows you to dial your desired level of high-end harmonic response, and the Structure switch lets you pick between the sounds of the Ecstasy’s various incarnations (including the legendary 20th Anniversary edition!). When you add a footswitchable boost with independent gain and volume controls into the equation, you can truly get almost any overdriven tone you could ever want out of this one pedal.

Bogner also only uses the highest-quality components to make sure that each one of these overdrive sounds has maximum fidelity. They start with a double-sided, gold-plated circuit board and add in WIMA capacitors from Germany and Nichicon capacitors from Japan for the most amp-like tone possible. Then, they add in gold-plated relays and a ridiculously durable, smooth Carling switches. This remarkable build quality means that you get the most organic, natural Bogner overdrive tone possible.

Wildwood Guitars is honored to showcase such a special pedal for our exceptional customers, and we are excited to see what incredible tones you dial in with the Bogner Ecstasy Blue Overdrive.

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