A Wonderful Weber

Wildwood Guitars is honored to showcase this roundneck Weber resonator! It's one of the sweetest-sounding resonators we've had in recent memory, largely due to an inspired pairing between wood and metal! This serial's mahogany back and sides and spruce top produce a bright, crisp, clear sound that works in perfect concert with the single-cone biscuit bridge resonator. Single-cone resonators like tend to have a clearer, more focused tone that produces a stronger fundamental, so this Renegade has a ridiculously clear, powerful voice! However, the 12-fret body helps keep the attack round and adds depth in the bass register. Imagine if a 000-18 underwent some sort of cybernetic procedure to become part terminator and you'll get a rough idea of how this serial sounds. The neck is also quite comfortable for fingerpicking thanks to its 1-3/4" nut width and its chunky shape. We are proud to have such a killer instrument in our shop, and we will miss its inspiring sound when the time comes for us to part!

Condition of Instrument

Except for a professionally-repaired crack in the back, this Weber is in excellent shape. Other than that, there is only light play wear and a little bit of fret wear to note! It also comes with a hardshell Weber case.


Brand Used
ModelWeber Resophonic Renegade
Top WoodSpruce
Body WoodMahogany Back and Sides
Resonator TypeSingle-Cone
Neck WoodMahogany
Scale Length25”
Width at Nut1 3/4"
Nut MaterialBone
Saddle MaterialLexan Polycarbonate
Saddle Spacing2 1/4"
CaseWeber Hardshell

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Wildwood Pre-Owned
Serial Number: 808010

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