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A Thornley Preposition

As the guitarist in the band Big Wreck, Ian Thornley has rewritten the rules of virtuosity. Though Thornley and his fellow band members are all incredible musicians (they did all meet at the Berklee College of Music, after all), they use their immense chops and professorial harmonic sophistication to make complex ideas sound like ear candy. He cites Springsteen instead of Malmsteen as his main influence, and that tells you everything you need to know. He's a skilled songwriter that just happens to also be able to shred your entire face off!

Thornley has been playing Suhr guitars for quite awhile now, and it was only natural that a player of his caliber would eventually get a signature model. And what a signature model it is! This S-shaped beauty is a true sonic titan, so let's dive in and see what makes it so inspiring.

Totally Roasted Tone

All guitars start with tonewood, so that's where we'll pick things up. The Ian Thornley Signature Classic S has a roasted alder body to go with a roasted maple neck and an Indian rosewood fretboard. Now, it's no secret that the Wildwood team loves the sound of roasted wood. Roasting dries the wood out and imparts a bit of vintage flavor to the sound.

What does "vintage flavor" mean in concrete terms? Well, it basically means that the guitar responds like a wooden tuning fork! You get lots of resonance, and the sound is woody, and warm. The Suhr Ian Thornley Signature certainly has a dash of this secret vintage sauce thanks to its roasted neck!

An HSH That Slays

The electronics only serve to highlight the delightful acoustic timbre of the Ian Thornley Signature. It features an HSH pickup configuration with a few interesting switching options that open up a whole world of interesting sounds. Positions two and four are a delicious blend of humbucker and single-coil sounds. Position five activates the SSV humbucker in the neck position, which gives you woody low mids, deep bass, and a singing high-end. On the other end of the spectrum, position one lets the bridge 'bucker off its leash and allows it to bring the sort of punchy tone that rock and roll dreams are made of. Finally, position three gives you both humbuckers.

The tone in each of these positions is inspiring, but things get really interesting when you start fiddling with the two push/push tone knobs that function as series-parallel switches. You can put either humbucker in series by flipping the switch towards the bridge, or you can put the pickup in parallel by flipping it towards the neck. In parallel, they sound brighter and quackier and they have less output. In series, they sound beefier and louder.

This intuitive switching system gives you easy access to a wide range of tones from spanky single-coil style sounds to thick, muscular punch. Having so many tones on deck makes for an expressive, dynamic playing experience because you simply have more colors and hues at your disposal!

V is For Victory

The Ian Thornley Signature Classic S Antique also feels great thanks to its neck profile, which is an interesting take on a classic shape. It's a bit thinner than a classic fifties "V," and it maintains its shape all the way up the neck unlike vintage-style V-necks, which typically taper to more of a "C" shape by the twelfth fret. What a ridiculously comfortable shape! Big, expressive bends, speedy leads, and precise rhythm work are a delight on such a neck. Atop that buttery neck shape, there lies an Indian rosewood fretboard with a 16" radius. A flatter radius makes for easier bending, and it allows you to set the action a bit lower.

An Offset Swiss Army Knife

As you can see, the Ian Thornley Signature Classic S Antique is an offset Swiss Army Knife. It has the superior fit and finish we expect from the wizards at Suhr, and it can cover every sound you'd need for a gig, jam, or recording session. We're proud to showcase such a mighty instrument for our exceptional customers, and we hope it inspires you as much as it inspires us!


Brand Suhr
ModelIan Thornley Signature Classic S Antique
Finish Color2-Tone Tobacco Sunburst with Roughneck Aging
Weight7.73 lbs.
Body WoodAlder
Body FinishGloss
Neck WoodRoasted Maple
Neck FinishSatin
Neck ShapeThornley V
Neck Dimensions.870 1st - .970 12th
FingerboardIndian Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius16"
Frets24 Jumbo Stainless Steel
Width at Nut1.650"
Nut MaterialTusq
PickupsSSH+ Humbucker (Bridge), V70 Single-Coil (Middle), SSV Humbucker (Neck)
Controls1 Volume, 2 Tone, 5-Way Switch (Position 3 is Both Humbuckers), Series/Parallel Push/Push Tone Knobs Knobs For Each Pickup)
Bridge2-Post Chrome Gotoh 510 with Solid Saddles and Steel Block
TunersChrome Suhr Locking
CaseHardshell Case

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