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Something New Up Reeves's Sleeve

Reeves Gabrels is a tireless six-string innovator, and his out-of-this-world playing has impressed both David Bowie AND Robert Smith enough to get gigs supporting both of them. A musical globetrotter with varied stylistic influences and interests like Reeves needs a dependable, versatile guitar with a little bit of extra magic, and the new Reeves Gabrels Signature RG-SUS guitar fits the bill. Though the RG-SUS features lots of classic appointments that you'll no doubt recognize from Reeves's other signature Reverends (korina body, boutique pots and caps, a PureTone jack, pin-lock tuners, a roasted maple neck, a six-bolt neck plate, Boneite nut, and a treble bleed circuit), the real magic here comes from the electronics.

Railhammer of Thor

In the bridge position, you'll find a Reeves Gabrels Signature Railhammer. While Reeves has had a signature pickup for awhile now, it bears repeating that his Railhammer totally rules. Tight, muscular low-end, punchy midrange, and sparkly trebles: what's not to like? And, if you roll off the bass contour, you get plenty of growl, bite, and chime!

Sustainiac Maniac

Great stuff, sure, but what's with the weird pickup in the neck position? Well, I'm glad you asked, dear reader. It's a Sustainiac, and it's so much fun to play with that it should probably be illegal. Sustainiac pickups give you endless sustain (as their name implies) by grabbing whatever note you're playing and creating sympathetic vibrations in the strings. In other words, it creates a sort of feedback loop! What's really amazing is how real this "feedback" feels. In the bowels of the Wildwood Web Office, I really felt like I was standing in front of a stack of cranked Marshalls when I tested it out (also, I would like to use this space to apologize to my coworkers for the Captain Beefheart-esque sonic freakout I had while trying this guitar).

One toggle switch turns the Sustainiac function on and off. The other selects whether you want the Sustainiac to "feed back" either the fundamental note, a harmonic, or both. This level of tweakability allows you to dial in some really cool textures. Give me a delay pedal and a reverb box, and I could craft soundscapes all day with this guitar. But, if you're not a shoegazer, never fear: the Sustainiac's aggressive voice makes it a natural choice for shredding rockers looking to add extra sauce and flair to their leads and solos.

Ask Reeves

We're proud to showcase such an awesome new instrument from our friends at Reverend. The Sustainiac-equipped Reeves Gabrels Signature is the sort of outside-the-box guitar that will make you step out of your comfort zone, find new ideas, enrich your musical life, invigorate your playing, and generally get weird. We invite you to experience its myriad sonic delights and take it for a spin. We're sure it will turn you into a Sustainiac Maniac, too.


Brand Reverend
ModelWildwood-Exclusive Reeves Gabrels Signature RG-SUS
Finish ColorWildwood-Exclusive Powder Yellow
Weight8.14 lbs.
Body WoodKorina
Neck WoodRoasted Maple
Neck ShapeMedium Oval
Neck Dimensions.840 1st - .950 12th
FingerboardPau Ferro
Fingerboard Radius12"
Scale Length25 1/12"
Width at Nut1 11/16"
Frets22 0.118" Wide x 0.057" High
PickupsRailhammer Reeves Gabrels Signature (Bridge), Sustainiac (Neck)
ControlsVolume, Tone, Bass Contour, 3-Way, Sustainiac On/OFF, Sustainiac 3-Way Selector
BridgeWilkinson WVS50 IIK Tremolo
TunersReverend Pin-Lock
CaseReverend Cases Are Sold Separately But You Can Add One to Your Order By Checking the Box Right Above the "Add to Cart" Button

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Serial Number: 42548

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