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A Six-Gun With a Boss 'Bucker

Wildwoodians, we have some exciting news for you: our compatriots at Reverend Guitars have unveiled their first-ever HSS guitar, and it is exclusively available at Wildwood Guitars. We’ve been salivating over the prospect of an HSS Reverend for some time now, and Reverend was kind enough to oblige us. When the sawdust and solder fumes settled, we were pleased to find that the Six Gun HSS covers a wide swathe of musical territory, and that it works beautifully in just about every genre under the sun. We are so grateful to our friends at Reverend for making it a reality!

All in all, The Six Gun HSS is one of the freshest takes on an S-style Guitar that we've seen in a long while. Though it seems like a standard HSS guitar at first glance, it features several key changes that give it impressive versatility and a fresh, exciting, original voice. First things first, though: the sweet medieval red paint job and the offset body give it sleek retro-futuristic aesthetic with a vibe that cannot be denied.

The Tonewood Formula

Like most Reverends, the Six Gun HSS is built from korina, a wood that sounds similar to mahogany but has a bit more high-end liveliness and bite. The neck is made of roasted maple, which has a woodier, clearer vintage-style tone. Together, the neck and body produce an acoustic tone that is powerful and punchy with just the right amount of overtone presence.

Sweet Single-Coils

This round, clear, balanced unplugged resonance works wonders with the voicing of Reverend's pickups. They're voiced similarly to the classic single-coils of yore, but with a bit more midrange warmth and woodiness at the forefront. So, for the Salnico pickups, think SRV and Hendrix-style tone with focused, punchy mids to go with a booming fundamental in the bass and cutting, glassy trebles.

Pure Humbucking Power

And, when it comes to humbuckers, it doesn’t get much better than the Reverend alnico-5 pickup in the bridge position. The midrange packs an Incredible Hulk-worthy punch, the lows are meaty and have just the right blend of gristle and muscle, and the highs are open with plenty of rich resonance. And, when you dig in, you can get plenty of snarl and growl.

The Six Gun HSS also sports a tweaked version of Reverend’s revered bass contour knob. Joe Naylor tweaked the circuit specifically to suit this guitar, and it is only connected to the humbucker, which is awesome, because magic things happen when you roll off the bass contour on a Reverend ‘bucker. The bass response tightens as the high-end brightens, making the pickup sound a bit more like a beefy P-90. Also, if you’re playing with overdrive, it has a really cool effect. Since low-end is usually what makes your signal break up and distort, when you roll off the bass contour knob, your signal cleans up nicely without any attendant volume loss. So, with a flick of the wrist, you can reduce distortion for cleaner passages without losing presence in the mix!

A Fresh New Tone

But, that’s not the only trick up the Six Gun’s sleeve. On most HSS guitars, position two splits the humbucker’s coils and activates the middle pickup. On the Six Gun HSS, you get the whole humbucker and the middle single-coil, which is an absolutely fantastic sound. You get the fullness, punch, and snarl of the humbuckers and the glassiness and sunniness of the single-coil single-coil. It’s quite balanced and articulate, making it a great choice for rhythm parts that need a little more brightness and lead parts that you want to really cut through without losing depth and fullness.

Making the Player's Life Easy

As you can see, the Reverend Six Gun is much more than a typical HSS guitar. It is a supremely versatile and highly original update on a classic design, and it has all sorts of player-friendly appointments. For instance, a medium oval neck with a 12" radius is home to 22 medium jumbo frets, which gives these guitars superior handfeel and playability. The flatter radius allows for lower setups, and it makes bending strings easy like Sunday morning. They also feature a Boneite nut and locking tuners for maximum tuning stability, boutique-quality pots and caps for sterling sound quality, a six-bolt neck plate to promote strong neck-to-body connection to aid resonance, and an expressive, reliable Wilkinson tremolo system with a Vari-Claw system for easy adjustment.

Anyone searching for an impressive HSS guitar will likely fall in love with the Wildwood-Exclusive Reverend Six Gun. We invite you to experience its myriad sonic delights, and we know its versatility, playability, and killer tone will inspire you to embark on countless fretboard adventures.

B-Stock Report

This guitar began its life as a demo model, and as such it shows some light playwear: mostly just some light scratches from normal use. Other than that, it has no cosmetic imperfections, and it is in brand-new condition. This is a great chance to snag a killer exclusive model at a nice value!


Brand Reverend
ModelWildwood-Exclusive Six Gun HSS
Finish ColorMedieval Red
Weight7.96 lbs.
Body WoodKorina
Neck WoodRoasted Maple
Neck ShapeMedium Oval
Neck Dimensions.810 1st - .860 12th
FingerboardRoasted Maple
Fingerboard Radius12"
Scale Length25.5"
Frets22 Medium Jumbo
Pickups1 HA5 Humbucker (Bridge), 2 Salnico Single-Coils (Neck and Middle)
ControlsVolume & Tone, Bass Contour, 5-way Switch
BridgeWilkinson WVS50 IIK tremolo
TunersReverend Pin-Lock Tuners
CaseReverend Cases Are Sold Separately But You Can Add One to Your Order By Checking the Box Right Above the "Add to Cart" Button

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Serial Number: 42306

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