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For some reason, the sound of a Rickenbacker twelve-string resonates especially deeply with my heartstrings. I can't really quantify how or why, but I know that whenever I hear the intro to "Ticket to Ride" by the Beatles, it makes me feel an emotion that I don't necessarily have words for. One of my favorite things about working for Wildwood Guitars is that I get the opportunity to play Rickenbackers that bring out such strong emotions on a regular basis. Instruments that evoke nameless, deep feelings with their tones are rare indeed, and it is rarer still for a company to impart each and every instrument they make with that special sort of resonance. Our friends at Rickenbacker have mastered the art of making guitars that hit you right in the heart, and it is my distinct honor to highlight what makes them so inspiring.

The modern Rickenbacker 360/12 features many of the classic appointments we remember from old videos of the Beatles: triangle inlays, a glossy fretboard, gorgeous "glo" finishes, the iconic "R" tailpiece, and a set neck for extra sustain and resonance. However, they've updated their classic sound with modern Rickenbacker "Hi-gain" pickups, which have the same sort of frequency response as vintage Rickenbacker pickups but with higher output.

They've also given the neck a fresh contour, a 10" radius, and a new slimmed-down profile to provide modern twelve-string slingers with the playability and feel they crave. All of this adds up to a thoroughly new and exciting twelve-string that still carries the spirit of the vintage Rickenbackers of yore. I think they are some of the most inspiring instruments in the world, and I am excited to see how they resonate with you!

Limited Run of 50 Pieces!


Brand Rickenbacker
ModelLimited 360/12
Limited RunLimited to 50 Pieces
Finish ColorSatin Autumnglo
Weight8.08 lbs.
Body WoodMaple
Body TypeSemi-Hollow
Neck WoodMaple
Neck Dimensions.850 1st - .920 12th
Scale Length24 3/4"
Width at Nut1.63"
BindingSingle-Ply on Back
Pickups2 Rickenbacker Hi-Gain
Bridge6-Saddle Bridge
CaseRickenbacker Hardshell

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Serial Number: 2319691

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