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A True OG

George Lowden learned to make acoustic guitars by trial and error. When he was a young man, he got hold of a booklet called "How to Make a Folk Guitar" by a luthier named John Bailey, and it inspired him to start building his own instruments. Rather than copy an existing design, Mr. Lowden simply sketched a guitar and got to work building it. Armed only with Mr. Bailey's book and his imagination, he embarked on a journey full of sweat and sawdust. His goal? To build a revolutionary acoustic guitar. For three years, he tweaked the bracing, changed the soundhole placement, fiddled with the bridge, and generally poured his heart and soul into designing a guitar that embodied his Olympic Philosophy of guitar building. When the dust settled, he knew he had something special: a jumbo guitar with a big enough sound to rival any big-bodied strummer and as much touch-sensitivity and subtlety as a small-bodied blues box. And that, ladies and gentleman, is the origin story of the Lowden O-size body design.

A Trailblazing Spirit

The O body size quickly became a mainstay of the Lowden lineup, and they have since brought delight to intrepid acoustic adventurers for over four decades. There's something truly magical about a guitar design that emerges without much outside influence. Original designs make for original sound, which makes for quite an inspiring playing experience. Forty years later, you can still feel (and hear!) George Lowden's trailblazing spirit in each and every O-Size Lowden.

A Chamber of 32 Doors

This iteration of the legendary O-Size, the O-32, uses a classic wood combination to create a bold, exciting, versatile voice. Volumes have been written by Guitar Scribes about the myriad sonic delights that abound when you pair a Sitka spruce soundboard with Indian rosewood back and side. Together, they are known for producing rich, piano-like lows and sparkly trebles. However, this Lowden presents an entirely unique twist on this beloved sound.

Oftentimes, guitars with this sort of wood chemistry--especially those with jumbo bodies like the O-32--trade clarity for their room-filling resonance. They often have a scooped midrange response, too. And jumbo guitars are often the exclusive domain of flatpickers.

Perhaps George Lowden's greatest talent is his ability to subvert these expectations by building guitars that have all of strengths we expect given their wood chemistry and body size with none of the attendant weaknesses.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the Lowden O-32. It has the deep bass and the sparkling, airy trebles we crave, and the cavernous richness we seek out in jumbo guitars. Yet it is also as responsive and articulate as any concert-bodied guitar, making it a true delight for fingerpickers as well as strummers. It is also remarkably clear, with excellent note separation and balance. For example: when the first example of this model came in, I tuned it to Open Cmaj7 (C-G-C-G-B-E). Because the strings form a complex down-tuned chord, striking all of the strings open in this odd tuning is the ultimate test of a guitar's clarity, and this O-32 passed with flying colors. I could hear each note ring out clearly.

Defying Expectations Yet Again

The Lowden O-32 has no right to be this touch-sensitive, this clear, and this rich, but it is! Hats off to you, Mr. Lowden! We are proud to offer such an inspiring instrument to our exceptional customers. We know it will bring you a lifetime of inspiration.


Brand Lowden Guitars
ModelOriginal Series O-32
Top WoodSitka Spruce
Back & Sides WoodIndian Rosewood
Lower Bout16.5"
Body Depth4.9"
Neck Wood5 Piece - Mahogany/Rosewood
Neck Measurements.830 1st - .870 9th
Scale Length25.5"
Width at Nut1 3/4"
Nut MaterialBone
RosetteRosewood, Sycamore, Walnut, Mahogany
TunersGotoh SG381 Gold w/ Ebony Buttons
CaseLowden Branded Hiscox

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