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Rick and Roll

Gasp! Rickenbacker has done the unthinkable: they've added a fifth string to their vaunted 4000 series basses! Altering such an iconic design was a bold move, but they don't write history books about cowards, and Rickenbacker's forward-thinking design philosophy has led them to build a bass for the ages! The 4003S/5 the next chapter in Rickenbacker's storied low-end legacy, and it carries on the tradition begun by their classic thud staffs of the sixties and seventies.

So, what's different apart from the extra string? Having a low B string to bring an extra dose of thunder is nice, but this 4003S/5 has plenty of other enticing appointments! The new redesigned five-string pickups are a stroke of genius. They're wider under the low strings and narrower under the high strings, which gives them deeper, more expansive bass response and cutting highs while maintaining piano-like clarity. This leads to a rounder, more piano-like attack. You still get that classic Rickenbacker punch, but with a slightly thumpier attack. It's a different flavor than normal, and it is quite an inspiring sound!

Such a massive sound is sure to inspire any purveyor of the low end seeking to shake the Earth, but the greatest asset of this instrument isn't its huge, sonorous voice (though the low B string certainly sounds mammoth!). It's how nicely it plays with other instruments! This is the sort of bass that provides a solid foundation for a song while remaining articulate and punchy enough to stand out.

Any four-string fanatic looking for a fly five-string that stands out while fitting in will love the 4003S/5. It's proof that breaking tradition--even a storied tradition--can pay incredible dividends. We are proud to showcase such an inspiring instrument, and we know it will help you bring the thunder for years to come.


Brand Rickenbacker
Finish ColorFireglo
Weight9.72 lbs.
Body WoodMaple
Neck WoodMaple
Neck Dimensions.910 1st - .940 12th
Overall Length44 13/16"
Overall Width13 5/8"
Overall Depth1 1/4"
Scale Length33 1/4"
Width at Nut1 4/5"
Fret MarkerDots
Pickups2 Redesigned Single-Coils
BridgeSchaller 3D5
TunersSchaller Deluxe
CaseRickenbacker Hardshell

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