Tonal Evaluation

Imagine a cross between Luciano Pavarotti and a wooden cannon, and you'll get a rough idea of how this glorious Custom Shop D-18 sounds. Its mighty resonance comes thanks to its all-hide-glue construction, and its incredible headroom and vintage-style woodiness come courtesy of its VTS-aged Adirondack spruce top. Muscular, focused midrange sits atop the foundation created by the warm, clear, pillowy lows. So, this guitar cuts through a mix while sounding meaty--nice! The highs are also quite inviting: crisp and sweet like a Golden Delicious apple, and open and clear like the Colorado sky.

What makes this serial so spectacular is its incredible clarity. I have lots of "tester riffs" that I used to find each guitar's limits when it comes to reproducing complex chords. Usually, when you play a Cmaj7/E with a half-step dissonance in the middle of the chord, the guitar becomes muddy and things sound like a mess. On this serial, each note came through, pure and beautiful. Its clear, finely-sculpted EQ means it will record beautifully, and its midrange punching power makes it a great candidate for lead acoustic parts. Its clarity and muscle also make it great for strumming chords in a band or for solo accompaniment. Anyone seeking a monster Martin with a clear, sonorous voice will love this delectable D-18!

Condition Report

This glorious Custom Shop D-18 shows some light play wear, but it's in excellent shape nonetheless. There is some extremely light fret wear, but the frets have a ton of life in them. There are some very light scratches and dings sprinkled around the finish, and there is some mild buckle rash on the back. Also, there is some lacquer disruption on the top and side of the bass-side lower bout where most players rest their arm. Finally, a previous owner installed a strap button. If you can look past these minor issues, you can score a truly inspired Martin Custom Shop creation at an unbelievable value. And, it comes with its original Martin hardshell case!


Brand Used
ModelCustom Shop D-18
Body SizeD-14 Fret
Top FinishPolished Gloss
Adhesive Hide Glue
Neck Reinforcement Ebony Rod
Headstock Veneer Solid Brazilian Rosewood
Top WoodSolid VTS Adirondack Spruce
Back & Sides MaterialSolid Mahogany
Bracing Style5/16" Scalloped Golden-Era Adirondack
Neck MaterialMahogany
Neck Shape1931-Style OM Profile Hand-Shaped by the Custom Shop
Neck FinishSatin
Neck Dimensions.870 1st - .980 9th
Fingerboard InlayOld Style 18
Scale Length25.34"
Nut Width1 3/4"
Nut MaterialBone
BindingBlack Boltaron
RosetteOld Style 18
TunersWaverly Nickel #4060 With Nickel "Butterbean" Knobs
Bridge Spacing2 5/16"
BridgeEbony Belly
SaddleDrop-In Long Bone
Additional FeaturesStamp on back of headstock (Authentic Feature)
CaseBlack Hardshell Case

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