Condition of Instrument

This Martin was originally sold by Wildwood and is in excellent condition with very little to no play wear. The guitar includes the original hardshell case that is also in excellent condition.

Tonal Evaluation

When fingerpickers drift off to sleep at night, they dream of this guitar. I know that it will haunt my dreams for several weeks, at least! The first ingredient in the recipe for a perfect fingerstyle is responsiveness. There’s always going to be a little delay between the moment your finger hits the string and the moment the note jumps out of the soundhole, but truly great instruments like this 0-12 reduce that gap to almost nothing. This guitar responds so quickly that the top almost feels like an extension of your hand—a mark of a truly expressive musical tool.

The second ingredient is resonance. If a small-bodied acoustic isn’t resonant, its going to sound thin. Thankfully, this guitar doesn’t have that problem—far from it, in fact. When I hit my first open A chord on this bad boy, the back and sides started vibrating so hard and so fast that it genuinely startled me! Obviously, its nice that such a small guitar can fill a room with sound so quickly, but there’s an added bonus: every time you play this guitar, you get a little tummy massage!

But, resonance means nothing if its not in the right places on the frequency spectrum. Thankfully, the genius builders at Martin have hit all the sweet spots on this particular serial. The low-midrange is particularly special: deep and dark but brilliant, with overtones for days as the note blooms. This piano-like boom tightens up in the midrange, and by the time you get into the treble frequencies, this guitar sounds quite dry and transparent. Above all that, there’s a bump in the really high frequencies that adds a bit of brilliance and airiness to the sound. The end result is an acoustic guitar that fills up a room without overwhelming the ears with high-end information—a rare feat indeed! Most small-bodied acoustic guitars are the opposite (high-end shimmer with tight midrange), so this 0-12 will really add a new dimension to your sound!


Brand Used
ModelCustom Shop Wildwood Spec 0-42
Body Type0-12 Fret
Bracing1/4" Adirondack Spruce, Golden Era
Top WoodHand Selected High Altitude Swiss Spruce (European, Certified)
Back & Sides WoodHand Selected Premium Madagascar Rosewood
Back & Sides FinishPolished Gloss
Neck FinishGloss
Fingerboard InlaysStyle 42 Snowflakes, Select Abalone (Golden Era)
Neck WoodGenuine Mahogany
Neck ShapeModified "V"
Headplate VeneerMadagascar Rosewood
Neck JointMahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint
Neck Dimensions.830 1st - .930 9th
FingerboardSolid Black Ebony
Scale Length24.9"
Width at Nut1 3/4"
BindingGrained Ivoroid
RosetteStyle 45 Abalone
Top PurflingStyle 45
TunersWaverly Side Mount w/ Ivoroid Buttons
Bridge StyleEbony Belly
SaddleDrop In
Bridge MaterialSolid Black Ebony
Bridge Spacing2 1/4"
CaseBlack Custom Shop LTD Edition Hardshell Case with Embroidered Logo and internal dust cover

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Wildwood Pre-Owned
Serial Number: 2087822

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