Make: Blackstar
Serial Number: 201010UB3251
Year: 2010
Model: Stage 60
Watts: 60w
Controls: Clean channel (Volume, Voice switch, Bass, Treble), OD1 (Gain, Volume, Voice switch), OD2 (Gain, Volume, Voice switch), OD shared EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble, ISF), Reverb, Master controls (Resonance, Presence, Volume)
Standby switch: Yes
Inputs: One
Tubes: EL34 x2, 12ax7 x2, 12au7
Speakers: 2 12” Celestion seventy 80
Impedance: cabinet is 8 ohm, amp has the option of 4,8 or 16ohm
Foot Switch: Yes, but the 9 pin connector cord is missing
Extension speaker Jack: Yes and a emulated line out
Effects loops: Yes
Weight: 68 lbs
Cabinet Dimensions: 28.5” x 21” 11"

Sonic Evaluation

This Blackstar Stage 60 is a real Swiss Army Knife of an amp, although it would probably be more appropriate to call it a Swiss Army broadsword given that it pushes sixty watts through two mighty twelve-inch speakers. With a clean channel and TWO overdrive channels (each with their own separate "voice" toggle), you can cop a wide variety of tones on the fly. Of course, each channel does an excellent job of recreating the classic punchy, crunchy British tone of yesteryear. But, playing with the various controls allows you to dial in lots of more modern tones as well. Anyone looking for a versatile amp with enough muscle to keep up with a Bonham-esque drummer will love the Blackstar Stage 60!

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Serial Number: 201010UB3251
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