Sonic Evaluation

This 00-42 is a fingerstylist's dream! It's quite responsive to even the lightest of touches, and it has beautifully balanced frequency response. Overall, it has a warm yet articulate timbre. The highs have great presence, the midrange is thick and sweet like a chocolate malt, and the low end is woody and deep. Anyone searching for warm, responsive Martin will love this serial!

Condition of Instrument

The level of craftsmanship on this Martin is ridiculous and it plays like a dream! The guitar is in excellent condition. There is very little play wear, and the frets have a ton of life left. There are a couple small cosmetic issues worth noting: there is a tiny bit of finish disruption on the bottom edge near the purfling, and the tuners are a tiny bit tarnished. Other than that, this glorious example of Martin craftsmanship looks spot-on.Also, a previous owner installed Fishman Matrix pickup system. This guitar also comes with the original Martin hardshell case and dust cover.


Brand Used
ModelMartin Custom Shop 00-42
Body Type00-12 Fret
Adhesive Hide Glue
BracingStandard “X” Scalloped Golden Era Style
Top WoodSwiss Spruce
Back & Sides WoodHonduras Rosewood
Back & Sides FinishPolished Gloss
Neck FinishGloss
Fingerboard InlaysConcave Diamond Design - Orange/Red Spiney Recon Stone/Solid MOP
Neck WoodGenuine Mahogany
Neck ShapeModified "V"
Neck JointDovetail
Neck Dimensions.870 1st - 1.010 9th
FingerboardSolid Black Ebony
Scale Length24.9"
Width at Nut1-13/16”
BindingSolid Cocobolo
Rosette3 Ring
ElectronicsFisherman Matrix
Bridge StyleEbony Pyramid
SaddleCompensated Bone
CaseCustom Shop w/Dust cover

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Wildwood Pre-Owned
Serial Number: 1761995

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