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Whenever a guitar pulls new licks out of me while I'm in familiar musical territory, I know it's special, but this Tyler is something else entirely! When I plugged it in, it was like someone turned on a faucet and my hands were overflowing with new ideas (specifically in G mixolydian). I think the reason I find it so inspiring is its incredible resonance in the trebles and upper midrange. This is an airy, brilliant-sounding guitar thanks to its semi-hollow construction, so even long, sustained single notes feel like they bring an atmosphere's worth of fullness with them as they come through the speaker cone. You can find plenty of Gilmour-esque chime in the highs and lots of Hendrix-y quack in the upper midrange, and that combination absolutely blows my mind! Those two are my favorite Strat players, and both single-coils have a little bit of their respective flavors! I find the combination absolutely delightful, and I think that's why I came up with so many ideas! The bridge humbucker is GNARLY, with dense midrange and sweet trebles. This guitar probably deserves a thousand words' worth of praise, but I have to stop here so I can play it and have it pull a few more new ideas out of me before closing time!


Brand James Tyler
ModelStudio Elite HD
Finish ColorPurple Shmear
Weight6.93 lbs
Body WoodHollow Swamp Ash
Neck WoodBirdseye Maple
Neck ShapeThin '59
Neck Dimensions.810 1st - .910 12th
FingerboardIndian Rosewood
Fingerboard RadiusCompound 10-12"
Scale Length25.5"
Width at Nut1 5/8"
Nut MaterialTusq
Frets.110" x .055"
Pickups2 JTS5500 and 1 Super Humbucker
ControlsVolume, Tone, 5-way, Midboost with Bypass Button
TunersHipshot Locking
CaseGrey Tyler Deluxe Hardshell Case

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