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Living Large and Luxurious

The 818e is the Rolls Royce of Taylor's acoustic lineup: it's big, it's powerful, it's rich, and it has a supremely luxurious ride. When Andy Powers redesigned the 800 series, he supercharged the 818e by giving it a thinner 3.5-millimeter finish and giving it V-Class bracing to promote maximum resonance and responsiveness. He also added elegant cosmetic appointments like an abalone rosette, a rosewood pickguard, and maple binding.

Huge Orchestral Sound

Speaking of sonics, this guitar has a spectacularly rich voice. Deep, booming piano-like lows will rattle your rib cage as sweet, lush, sparkly high-end overtones tickle your eardrums in the trebles. It's the sort of resonance that fills up the room and commands the attention of everyone in earshot.

Despite its full sound, the 818e maintains excellent note separation and clarity, and it can handle all the fancy jazz chords you can think of. It's also quite dynamic and touch-sensitive. When you ease off, it has an open quality that makes it seem cavernous even at mezzo piano. When you dig in, all sorts of overtones start to pop out of the top to fill out the sound. And, digging in brings out a pleasant woody bite that makes strumming big chords incredibly satisfying. It really does sound like you have an orchestra in your lap! Nonetheless, it is still responsive and clear enough to capture all the nuances and details of fingerstyle playing, making it one of the most versatile large-bodied acoustics out there.

Should you feel the need to bring this spectacular sound to the stage, the 818e comes equipped with a Taylor ES-2 Pickup system to ensure crystalline amplified tone. It also showcases the same dependability and incredible playability that have made Taylor a go-to for acoustic guitarists for over five decades.

We're proud to showcase such an inspiring guitar, and we invite you to live the luxurious life by taking the 818e for a spin. Once you experience its massive sound, we're sure you'll never want to put it down.


Brand Taylor Guitars
TypeGrand Orchestra
Finish ColorAntique Blonde
Finish TypeGloss
Top WoodSolid Sitka Spruce
Top Finish TypeGloss
Back & Sides WoodSolid Indian Rosewood
Back & Sides FinishGloss
Neck WoodTropical Mahogany
Neck Dimensions.840 1st - .880 9th
Fretboard MaterialWest African Crelicam Ebony
Fingerboard InlaysMission
Scale Length25.5"
Width at Nut1.75"
Nut MaterialBlack Graphite-Infused Tusq
BindingPale Non-Figured Maple
ElectronicsTaylor Expression System 2
TunersTaylor Nickel
BridgeWest African Crelicam Ebony
CaseTaylor Deluxe Hardshell Case
Stock CodeA801023011000077000

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