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Ever since 1960, the Gibson Hummingbird’s addictive sound and stellar feel have compelled guitar players to send their finger flying up and down the fretboard. Originally a high-end model second only to the J-200 in prestige and bling, the Hummingbird quickly became a popular favorite after six-string luminaries like Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Gram Parsons, and John McLaughlin adopted it as their acoustic of choice. Its warm, deep bass response has formed the backbone of countless rhythm tracks on hit records, while its rich, mellifluous voice has helped many a soloist stand out.

More importantly, though, the Hummingbird has a mysterious ability to draw additional creativity out of players and get them to try things they normally wouldn’t. For instance, did you know that the distorted guitar sound on Rolling Stones classics like “Street Fighting Man” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” actually comes from Keith Richards’s Hummingbird? He overdrove the preamp of a portable cassette player to get a saturated, dirty sound, but it’s still an acoustic guitar! The fact that Keef thought to do such a thing is a testament to the mysterious, inspiring qualities of the Hummingbird. Gibson’s modern iteration of the Hummingbird is brimming with inspirational sounds that will no doubt inspire you to reach new heights of creativity in your playing, too! Let’s take a closer look and see what makes the modern Hummingbird such a powerful creative tool.

There are three main factors that make the Gibson Hummingbird such a delightful dreadnought: classic tonewoods, a shorter 24.75” scale length, and a light build philosophy. First, let’s talk tonewood. Each Gibson Hummingbird is crafted from premium cuts of solid Sitka spruce and mahogany, and the undeniable chemistry between the two is on full display. The Sitka top projects with tremendous power and provides plenty of brightness, clarity, and presence. Meanwhile, the mahogany back and sides help everything sound round, warm, and balanced as they add extra depth and midrange muscle. Overall, this classic combo gives the Hummingbird a loud, clear, sonorous voice well suited to many genres.

But, what really makes the Hummingbird special is how responsive it is to player input. It has a wide dynamic range AND huge resonance, which is a rare and special combination. There are two reasons for its dynamism: its 24.75” scale length and its thinner, taller, lighter bracing. Acoustic guitars with shorter scales tend to have a warmer overall tonality, but they also boast a more percussive, articulate attack. The scale length works in harmonious tandem with the lighter bracing, which promotes fast response time and even frequency response at every volume level.

The end result is a guitar with tremendous versatility and range. Though the Hummingbird can certainly function admirably as a bluegrass cannon, it is subtle enough for a fingerpicker seeking a full-bodied sound. It can serve as a sonic backbone in a full band situation, but its meaty, punchy tone is sure to delight lead players. In solo singer-songwriter settings, it sounds big enough to fill the room while remaining dynamic enough to make intimate moments really pop. And, it’s a useful tool in the studio, where its clear, warm, midrange-forward voice will impress even the most hardened recording engineer.

Perhaps this is why the Hummingbird is so closely associated with guitarists that push boundaries of the instrument: it places no limitations on the player. It can do just about anything, which makes it a fertile breeding ground for creative new ideas. We are proud to showcase an instrument that unlocks new avenues of expression for our exceptional customers, and we know it will provide a lifetime of inspiration for any acoustic adventurer along their fretboard journey.


Brand Gibson
Finish ColorVintage Cherry Sunburst
Top WoodPremium Sitka Spruce
BracingTraditional Hummingbird
Back & Sides WoodMahogany
Neck WoodMahogany
Neck JointCompound Dovetail Neck-to-body
Neck ShapeRounded
Neck Dimensions.840 1st - .900 9th
Fretboard MaterialRosewood
Fingerboard InlaysMother of Pearl Parallelogram
Scale Length24-3/4"
Width at Nut1.725"
Nut MaterialTusq
HeadstockMother of Pearl Crown Inlay
ElectronicsL.R. Baggs VTC
TunersGrover Rotomatics
BridgeIndian Rosewood Belly-up
PickguardTortoise Hummingbird Style
CaseGibson Hardshell Case

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