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The new Builder's Edition 614ce may very well provide the most luxurious playing experience of any acoustic guitar in our shop! Andy Powers designed the Builder's Edition guitars to be as comfortable as humanly possible, and they have rolled out the six-string equivalent of a red carpet for players who demand exceptional ergonomics as well as spectacular sound. Like any Taylor, it has exceptional handfeel and it plays easy like Sunday morning--especially on the high frets, where a reshaped cutaway with a finger bevel allows for unprecedented upper-fret access.

Speaking of bevels, the wizards at Taylor have taken their beveled armrest concept and expanded on it, and the results are extraordinary! We Wildwoodians have loved Taylor's armrests for years, because they allow for maximum comfort AND they allow the top to resonate more freely because your arm doesn't rest directly on the soundboard. On the Builder's Edition 614ce, Taylor has beveled the edge of the ENTIRE guitar. When you combine this smooth feel with Taylor's "silent satin" finish--a thin finish meant to cut down on incidental noise--you get a guitar that provides world-beating comfort. Basically, when you pick up a 614ce, it feels so welcoming and inviting that it's almost like you're playing a wooden pillow!

Not that you'll be able to sleep, because they sound so good that you'll want to stay up all night playing them! The torrefied spruce top and the maple back and sides conspire together to bring you a truly singular sound: crisp, articulate, sunny, and transparent, with a healthy dose of that signature Taylor sparkle. Andy Powers has done a magnificent job of re-voicing the 600, and his brilliance is on full display here. Though the Builder's Edition 614ce has many of the classic characteristics of a maple guitar, it has an uncommon warmth and woodiness that is simply irresistible.

This sort of tonewood pairing would ordinarily result in an addictive sonic cocktail, but Taylor pushed these guitars over the top by incorporating their revolutionary V-Class bracing! V-Class bracing solves a major problem with acoustic guitar design. Typically, guitar builders must make a choice between sustain and volume. More flexible wood leads to greater volume, while stiffer planks result in greater sustain. Reconciling these two opposing truths to make a guitar that sustains AND projects has been the fundamental quandary of acoustic guitar construction for most of the history of lutherie. Now, we no longer have to trade one for the other!

V-Class bracing controls the way the top flexes in order to make the vibrations "rock" back and forth in across the top in a more orderly manner. By controlling the way the top flexes, the bracing allows the guitar to sing loud and proud with a focused yet sonorous voice. The bracing also makes the center of the top more rigid, which keeps the strings vibrating longer, which gives you a ridiculous amount of sustain. So, players are able to have their cake and eat it, too! You get endless, Spinal Tap-worthy sustain and serious volume in the same guitar--a truly rare feat!

We are so proud to showcase these magnificent acoustics for our exceptional customers, and we hope you find their opulent feel and tone as inspiring as we do!


Brand Taylor Guitars
ModelBuilder's Edition 614ce
TypeGrand Auditorium
Top WoodSolid Torrefied Sitka Spruce
Top FinishSilent Satin Natural
BracingV-Class with Relief Rout
Back & Sides WoodSolid Big Leaf Maple
Back & Sides FinishSilent Satin
Neck WoodTropical Mahogany
Neck Dimensions.850 1st - .870 9th
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Fingerboard InlaysMother of Pearl Scepter
Scale Length25.5"
Nut MaterialBlack Graphite-Infused Tusq
BindingWest African Ebony
RosetteSingle-Ring Wood and Fiber
ElectronicsExpression System 2
TunersGold Gotoh 510s w/21:1 Ratio
CaseHardshell Case

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