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Maple Magic

Andy Powers is a visionary, a genius, and possibly a wizard. Whether he has magic powers or not, he has revolutionized the world of acoustic guitar design as Taylor's master guitar designer. His first project was to redesign of Taylor's 600 Series guitars, and his enhancements put his brilliance on full display. Basically, Andy re-defined what a guitar with maple back and sides can be.

The 600 series features guitars with spruce tops and maple back and sides. This classic combo has produced many legendary sounds, but some guitarists are a bit leery of dipping their toes into the wonderful world of maple. Though maple-bodied guitars are renowned for their bright, clear, transparent tone and exceptional articulation, they can sound a bit strident and thin until the aging process mellows them out. Andy Powers sought to rectify this problem and craft a maple-bodied acoustic that everyone could love.

Torrefaction Attraction

In order to accomplish this Heruclean feat, Andy utilized the magic of torrefaction. Basically, torrefaction is when you heat a piece of wood to somewhere between 200 and 320 °C. At that point, the wood dries out and develops a cellular structure similar to an actual vintage instrument that has aged naturally.

More importantly, the torrefaction process imparts a vintage sound. Guitars with torrefied tops have a warmer, woodier timbre with a rounder attack and greater openness. All of these qualities are heavenly when paired with maple. You get crisp, quick response, fast decay, superb articulation, and a bright chiming high end from maple. Then, the torrefied top gives that sound a healthy sunny glow by smoothing out the harsh edges and providing balancing warmth.

Normally, maple guitars are bright and transparent. The redesigned 600 series still sounds transparent, but now the guitars mostly sit right in the middle of the spectrum between bright and dark. By using torrefied tops and tweaking the bracing pattern, Andy Powers has redefined what is possible with maple.

An Adirondack Love Story

Of course, we couldn't wait to sprinkle in a little bit of Wildwood's special fairy dust into the mix once we found out about Andy Powers's newest creations. Our friends at Taylor were kind enough to build us a run of 600 series guitars with Adirondack spruce bracing. Here at Wildwood, we love Adirondack spruce the way the narrator of the Percy Sledge song "When a Man Loves a Woman" loves the titular woman: fervently, and with our whole heart.

Adirondack spruce has a few inspiring signature sonic quirks, and we love the way it adds flavor when used for bracing. But first, a crash-course in headroom: every acoustic guitar top has a point at which it can't get louder. When an acoustic guitar reaches this point, the guitar starts becoming more and more compressed as the player hits harder. The longer it takes for a guitar to reach this point of compression (I like to call it The Point of No Return), the higher its headroom.

Guitars with Adirondack bracing have higher headroom than normal, which is great for a maple-bodied acoustic. In conjunction with the characteristics imparted by the torrefied spruce top, this extra headroom gives the Wildwood Adirondack 600 series an open, sonorous timbre that is unique among maple-bodied acoustic guitars.

Furthermore, Adirondack spruce bracing tends to impart a woody, percussive quality to the guitar's attack. Subtle right-hand dynamics come through with exceptional fidelity and detail, but it's not a sterile sort of hi-fi sound. Taylor's Wildwood Adirondack 600 series guitars have a clear, organic, bold attack that never sounds harsh despite its percussive nature.

The Definition of a Bold Strummer

Taylor bills its Grand Symphony shape as "the bold strummer," and the 616ce may be the boldest of them all! Its larger body provides cavernous resonance, but it still responds quickly to player input--a nice middle ground!

Though it sounds full and rich, maple's fast decay time and clear, transparent tone give the 616ce stunning clarity.

And, its articulation is crisp and detailed, so the subtleties of your attack come through crystal-clear. Full, clear, and articulate: what more could a strummer want?

It's also a great lead instrument, because it cuts through a mix like a wooden Ginsu. In fact, single note lines have a surprising amount of mass!

We are proud to showcase the Wildwood Adirondack 616ce for our exceptional customers. Any bold strummers in the Wildwoodiverse will find endless inspiration in its spectacular tone. We invite you to experience the magic of maple by taking one for a spin today!


BrandTaylor Guitars
ModelWildwood Adirondack 616CE
TypeGrand Symphony
Top FinishGloss
BracingAdirondack 600 Series Advanced Performance with Relief Rout
Top WoodTorrefied Sitka
Back & Sides WoodMaple
Back & Sides FinishGloss
Neck WoodHard Rock Maple
Neck FinishGloss
Neck Shape.840 1st - .870 9th
Fingerboard InlaysGrained Ivoroid Wings
Scale Length25.5"
Width at Nut1 3/4”
Nut MaterialTusq
ElectronicsTaylor Expression System 2
TunersTaylor Nickel
CaseHardshell Case
Stock CodeA60200211100369A122

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