Sonic Evaluation

You don't see an 8-string baritone every day, and 8-string baritones with spruce tops and rosewood backs and sides are even rarer! So, we were delighted when this guitar came through the door. It has room-filling piano-like resonance that rattles the ribs of everyone in ear shot. The lows are huge and rich, the midrange is present but transparent, and the trebles sparkle with that signature Taylor shimmer. If you're worried about how to use the two octave strings, here's some advice from Bobby McFerrin: don't worry, be happy. If you play this guitar as you would a six-string, you'll hardly even consider the two extra high strings. They'll just add a little splash of 12-string chime and sparkle to fill out the sound every now and again. Anyone looking for a truly remarkable Taylor sure to inspire you in new and interesting ways will love this serial!

Condition Report

This Baritone-8 is in excellent condition. It only shows very light signs of play wear. The saddle is a little worn, and the finish has settled or become burnished in a couple spots. It comes with its original Taylor hardshell case.


Brand Used
TypeGrand Symphony
Top WoodSitka Spruce
Top FinishGloss Natural
Back & Sides WoodIndian Rosewood
Back & Sides FinishGloss
Neck WoodTropical Mahogany
Neck Dimensions.840 1st - .870 9th
Neck FinishSatin
Fingerboard InlaysSmall Diamonds
Scale Length27”
Width at Nut1 3/4”
Nut MaterialBone
BindingIndian Rosewood
ElectronicsTaylor Expression System
TunersTaylor Gold
CaseTaylor Brown Hardshell Case

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Serial Number: 1102253112

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